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Karate has been introduced from class IV onwards. A 30 minutes session per week for Karate and Material Arts helps children to host a positive mental and physical posture both at school and at home. Character like Self defense and Physical fitness also accompanies it. Karate promotes leadership, skills in children to help them succeed in life and increase speed, stamina and strength in children. Karate sessions are also helpful for children in other sports and activities.






 A 30 minutes dance class per week has been included in our school from classes III-IX to develop a sense of rhythm and music among the children. Through these dance classes pupil not only get an idea of different dance forms of different provinces but they are also able to connect themselves to the rich classical art forms practiced in our country.






A 30 minutes session of tabla training has newly begun in our school since last year. In this process students are taught to understand the details of different beat cycles and intricate rhythm structures. However, these table lessons help to generate sincerely and determination among the pupils in the long run.




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A 30 minutes yoga session per week has been introduced in our school from classes’ I-XII to develop a sense of well being in the student’s concentration. Yoga helps the children to find harmony between the mind and the body. Students develop proper breathing habits. Regular practice of yogic postures enhances the ability of students to concentrate, to deal with impulse behavior and to think more clearly.