• Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School, in its present form was established on 2nd April 2001 by the Lakhi Paramatma Charitable Trust and is managed by an experienced managing committee.
  • It is an English medium co-educational school and it consists of the Pre-primary Section i.e. the nursery, K.G. classes, as well as primary classes of I-V and secondary classes VI to X. Commerce & Humanities streams for class XI & XII.
  • Computer Education begins from K.G.Class.
  • Though the medium of instruction in English, yet Bengali and Hindi are taught with utmost care and all efforts are made to make pupils aware of their heritage as Indians.
  • It is affiliated to the Council for Indian school Certificate Examinations.


2)  THE SCHOOL: Aims

  • The primary aim is two-fold to help pupils achieve academic excellence and to train them to think for themselves in the right perspective.
  • Special emphasis is laid on Value-Education, Discipline and good-behaviour.
  • The school aims to give the child total education i.e. education of body, mind and spirit, it wishes to instil in the pupils, the school motto “By hard work and consistence effort one can reach great heights”.
  • The school aims to encourage various curricular and co-curricular activities, to develop the personality of the child and make him/her confident in public speaking.


  • Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic school endeavours to inculcate in the student a sense of self reliance.
  • Special attention is paid to attendance and punctuality.
  • Parents / Guardians are requested to see that their wards are regular and punctual. Irregular attendance , habitual idleness, disobedience, bad conduct, sickness and injuries to other pupils concerned
  • Students are not permitted to use cosmetics and jewellery.
  • Any damage done to school property will have to be made good by the pupils concerned.
  • Parents and guardians are not permitted to see their wards or meet teachers during school hours unless there is special appointment for the same.
  • Students must address their teachers and all members of the staff, teaching and non-teaching, with due respect and politeness. Outside the school premises they are expected to behave in a decent manner.
  • Parents are advised not to send children to school if they are sick, parent are requested to notify the school office of any change of address or telephone number. Whenever a note is given in the diary, parents are requested to go through it carefully and sign it.




  • Syllabus is based on the guidelines laid by the council of Indian School Certificate Examination. Home-tuition are not recommended/encouraged.

5)  NURSERY- Class III:

  • Identity cards are issued to students; Escorts are not allowed to take the child back home without showing the identity card of the child.
  • Parents are requested to collect the name tags from the school office. These should be pinned on the shirt’s pocket everyday till the summer vacation.


  • Parents of those children, who will go on their own, are request to give a note in the diary on the first day of the new session with signature.
  • Parents are requested to collect their children within 15 minutes of the dispersal time.
  • Commerce and Humanities Streams are available for classes XI & XII


  • Application forms for admission in the new session are given every year from the month of September. Date of admission Test for admission in the class-IX will be notified beforehand.
  • Three months notice in writing must be given if a child is to withdraw from the school,failing which three months tuition feed in lieu of notice will be charged.


  • Details of the prescribed school uniform will be furnished well in advance of the beginning of the academic session. Guardians are requested to get the uniforms made from the recommended tailors to ensure uniformity and quality. Students must wear a clean of uniform daily.


  •  Each student must have a copy of diary. In case the child loses his/her diary it is mandatory to by another diary. Tearing the pages of a diary will be regarded a serious offence.

10)   SPORT / GAMES:

  • The school aims to develop the physique of the child by giving him/her adequate opportunity for physical and has regular games period in the time-table. There is a proper trained physical instructor, who gives the students proper training in various sports. Training in the art of Yoga Karate has been introduced.


  •  The classrooms are airy and well ventilated and are equipped with proper teaching aids. Classes II to XII rooms have A.C.


  • Importance of computer Education is recognized and it is imparted from class KG onwards under the guidance of proper teachers who give the students practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the subject.
  • The school believes that good teachers produce good students. Hence the teaching staff has been selected who are dedicated, sincere are well qualified as well as trained properly for the job. The Head-Mistress Mrs. Sumona Ash is experienced and qualified. The teachers are constantly kept informed about any changes in the curriculum. The Rector, Mrs. U. Andrews, who has over 30 years of teaching and administrative experience, guides them.


  • The school has a very experienced Managing Committee consisting of members who’ve made a mark in their profession; it is inclusive of teachers’ representative as well as guardian representative. It is always endeavouring to take the school to greater heights for the welfare of the students.


  • Parents are advised to adhere to all the rules and regulations of the school, written in the school Diary. Parents are requested to address the school authorities in a polite and respectful manner. Any parent who will create any kind of disturbance in the school, his child’s name will be struck off. Close interaction of the parents with the teachers will be encouraged for the proper growth & development of the child. Parents will be allowed to meet the teacher either before the school begins/after the classes are over or with the prior permission of the Rector.