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Increase your Child’s Memory

3 Essential Tips That Can Help Increase your Child’s Memory

Good memory is a key step to long-term academic success in every child’s life. Having a good memory helps a child to excel in every aspect of school life. Memory skills are present in every individual. However, there are ways to increase the same and help the kids remember every minor detail of their academic and personal life.

Most popular ICSE schools in South Kolkata stresses different memory games and exercises to improve the memorising skills of the children. However, don’t rush into things. Remember that you can’t make a kid remember everything in a day. Unlike machines, human brains require time to get cognitive to a particular behavior.

Here are a few tips that schools and parents can follow to make things easier for your child.

1. Colour Identification Activity
The colours are bright and easy to remember. With toddlers, start with the colour identification stage. Please don’t make it obvious that you’re teaching them. However, make them remember colours from daily life. That’s the reason you’ll find some brands using bright colours. This helps in creating high brand awareness in the mind of the customers. While teaching, try to point out the colours to your kids. Ask them to mark the colours with pens. This will help them to build up their memory faster.


2. Feed Smaller Information to Kids
Feeding a lot of information to the children jams their heads up. This is not a correct way to refresh memories. Thus break up every information, which you want to pass on to your kid. Tell them some part of the same and make them memorise it repeatedly. Later move on with the other parts of the information. Give them a chance to process the information first. This helps them to get better memory and the ability to learn beyond textbooks.


3. Communicate With Mind Maps
Mind maps are suitable for the bigger kids. They are visual thinking tools that are used as a part of the activity in every school. Introduce your child to the concept of the mind map. It will help you structure all the information, analyse and comprehend the same. This also helps to increase their level of focus and their imaginative power.

mind map

Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School is one of the renowned ICSE schools in Kolkata that focuses on introducing activities for the overall development of children’s memory. We try to incorporate different activities in place to develop memorising skills and make the child sharper.
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