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3 Reasons To Enrol In An English Medium School In South Kolkata

The importance of education in one’s life can never be neglected. Schools’ help in building their confidence and teach them the importance of teamwork. It creates a network of friends and a like-minded community. A school environment offers students the opportunity to study and work with their peers. Though there are numerous schools scattered all over South Kolkata, one of the most challenging tasks for parents is to choose a school with their desired medium of instruction. You can either choose a regional language like Bengali or English or admit your child in a reputed English Medium School like Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School.

Why Enrol Your Child In An English Medium School In South Kolkata


1. English Is A Universal Language

Knowing English has almost become mandatory nowadays as it is a universal language. It is not just the language of business and conversation but even computers and science. It is the language the world is speaking and it might become a hindrance in the future is one lacks fluency in English.

2. Become Comfortable With The Language

The earlier your child will be introduced to the language, he will feel comfortable with it. According to scientific facts, our linguistic abilities deteriorate with age. This means that our ability to pick up new languages is more when we are young. Once a child feels comfortable with a language, he can pick it up early. If your motive is to introduce your child to English sooner, start looking for a reputed English medium school for your child.

3. Don’t Have To Worry About Mistakes

Children are less conscious of themselves and are not afraid of committing mistakes. Since English is not their mother tongue, start teaching them early on. They will try and experiment with the language without worrying about failure or mistakes. They won’t even mind if their teachers or parents correct them when they make an error. Stakes are higher when one grows old. It is one of the primary reasons why working professionals are afraid of practising something new at their workplace.

Ready To Enrol?

Since you now know why English is so vital for one’s future, it’s time you start looking for a reputed English medium school. Their teachers should allow the children to learn at their own pace. It is their responsibility to prepare and guide every child in the school towards a fulfilling life.

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