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4 Points to Consider to Find the Best School for Your Child

Finding the right type of school is a daunting task for every parent. Schools lay the foundation stone for education. Hence, it is of utmost essential that you choose the right school to ensure the overall mental development of your child. Along with academics, a school plays a major role in shaping children’s personalities. There are various schools affiliated with different boards. How to choose the best one? This is a question that must have taken away the peace from the life of many parents.

Every school has its unique style of teaching and grooming children. Hence the choice entirely depends on the location, fee structure, teaching faculty and the type of school culture you want your child to experience. If you don’t have a personal preference, keep these common points in mind before finalising the best school in South Kolkata.

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Tips for Selecting The Best School for Your Child

1. Check the credentials and affiliations
Credentials are an important part of every school. Before you admit your child, make sure that you check the authenticity of the credentials. Any governing authority does not recognise many schools. You must also check the board affiliations. For instance, most schools are affiliated with ICSE or CBSE boards and offer board recognised curriculum for the students.

2. Experience and qualification of teachers
Teachers are the torchbearers, philosophers and guides of every child. Apart from parents, a child spends most of the day learning from a teacher. Thus, you must check the faculty members’ qualifications, experience, and certifications before rounding off your decision.

3. Student-teacher ratio
Many parents forget to check the student-teacher ratio, which is one of the vital aspects of a school. A lower to medium teacher-student ratio encourages individual connections between the teacher and the student. For instance, if the number of students in a class is 70 and there is only one teacher to handle them, the proximity of providing care will go down.

4. Student safety measures
It is of utmost necessity that the school where you want to admit your child maintains adequate safety measures. The presence of safety measures like CCTV cameras, proper communication during the drop and pick up, background checks for non-teaching staff and security personnel in school premises are a few basic needs that you must look for before admitting your child to a school.

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