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5 Safety Actions Schools Take to Ensure Complete Protection of Students

Children spend the majority part of their time at school. Hence, a safe learning environment is essential to make the children feel comfortable. Most of the best English medium schools in Kolkata focus on providing a safe and secure environment for the children to concentrate on education and growing their learning skills.

School safety covers a wide range of activities. It includes protecting a child against physical, mental, emotional and medical problems that might crop up within the school’s premises. Read on to know more about the different safety procedures that schools adopt to ensure that every child is protected and spends a happy time within the school.

1. Technological Safety

The majority of schools take the help of technology to make sure that the children are protected within the premises. They install CCTVs all around the campus and closely monitor the children’s activities during school hours. Many schools are also giving students access to wearable GPS tracking watches so that their parents can track the location. For students using mobile phones, schools are directing the parents to add parental control apps. This will allow them to track the type of content that the children are viewing.

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2. Employing Authorized Persons

Schools have also changed their hiring process. Previously non-teaching staff were hired randomly. However, schools are strictly adhering to background for hiring non-teaching staff like drivers, conductors, peons, sweepers and gatemen. They hire from authorized centres to ensure that the right type of people is hired for such jobs. This initiative is taken to make the parents feel secure when they send their kids to the schools.

3. Ensure Open Communication

Mental and emotional safety also plays a vital role in nurturing the children. Hence, the schools have introduced psychological classes, committees to protect children from sexual abuse and redress parents’ grievances. Moreover, every child is being educated within the school premises about the hazardous activities that they should look out for and report whenever they face the same. Encouraging the kids to open up about their problems within the school premises is a compulsory process that is being followed.

4. Medical Safety

To keep the children’s health protected and safe, the schools are taking the initiative to keep complete records of the medical history of every child. Schools are thus keeping a record of the medications, allergies, emergency contact numbers, disabilities, long-term illnesses and a list of approved visitors who have the authorization of visiting the child during the schooling hours.

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5. Infrastructural Safety

Responsible schools obtain building safety certificates from the local authorities to ensure that the walls and roofs are constructed following the safety guidelines. The nursery and elementary sessions are being housed on the ground floors to ensure the utmost safety for the kids. It is also required that the school keep off all types of combustible products and toxic materials so that the risk of fire is avoided.

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