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6 Unknown Facts About ICSE Board Schools in Kolkata

Education institution plays an important role in grooming the entire life of an individual. Schools in Kolkata are affiliated to different boards like ICSE, CBSE and WB. The debate of putting the child in the right school goes on and on forever. If you’re researching on the best ICSE board schools in Kolkata then you should be knowing a few things before opting for the same.

Every board has its own set of pros and cons. It’s up to the child and the family, whether they are comfortable with the same or not! While conducting the research it may be hard for you to stick to one single school as all the boards in Kolkata has set a strong foothold in the education business.

What Things you Should Remember Before Getting Your Child into an ICSE Board School?

1. Level of Difficulty

If you think that ICSE is easier than CBSE, then you’re wrong. Even the marking system is different and 80% of the marks are external. What’s more? While studying in an ICS#E board school in Kolkata, your child can get the option of appearing for scholarship exams. If they opt to study abroad then these certifications will certainly help.

2. Language for Instructions

Anything but English is the language that they prefer. In a CBSE board both Hindi and English are used as a medium of instruction. However the same is not the case in ICSE. So, as a parent if you’re not comfortable with English as a medium of communication, then selecting ICSE will be a wrong decision.

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3. Focus on Practical

Rather than putting your kid through the boring pages of the books, ICSE schools focus more on the practical part. Fun and learn – that’s the basic mantra of all ICSE schools in Kolkata. Every academic curriculum is well-researched and the practical tasks carries a lot of marks which encourages your child to learn in the right path.

4. Prepares for Competitive Exams

Competitive exams are the pick of the hour. So if your child is not geared up from the very beginning he/she will fall behind in the race. ICSE board schools inj Kolkata makes sure no such thing happens. They follow an objective based education approach, where the candidate is taught to manage time, tasks, personal life altogether.

5. Level of Recognition

ICSE Board schools in Kolkata like Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School are globally recognized. Let’s say, you’ve a transferable job. Then, definitely put your child into ICSE board. anywhere in the world you go, this board gets the maximum level of recognition. the curriculum is prepared keeping in mind the national and international education requirement.

6. Focuses on Developing English

If you want your child to excel in English, then there’s no alternative to ICSE board schools in Kolkata. They put stress on the grammatical and English literature part. If your child is willing to make a mark in the field of humanities, the putting him/her in an ICSE school will help to make a strong base.

Although education largely depends upon the way the student intakes the same, however the contribution of schools in nurturing the kid can’t be denied as well. Research carefully before putting your child in the best school.

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