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5 Benefits of Everyday Reading Habit in a Child

Reading is a great habit and a form of positive addiction with several amazing benefits. The habit of daily reading must be inculcated in every child as it helps to improve the vocabulary and stimulates their level of creativity. Hence, the best ICSE schools in Kolkata advise the students and their parents to develop the habit of daily book reading.

Reading implies everything that supplies sufficient usable information. You can read journals, story books or even academic curriculum books. However, every parent must encourage their child to read for at least an hour before they doze off. Here are a few benefits that you will surely notice in your child if they practise the habit of reading daily.

Why should your child be reading daily?

1. Development of language
Reading is the best way that helps a child to learn a particular language. Reading is key to getting close to the language, whether English or any other vernacular language. The more your child reads the more they will be able to speak freely in the language.

2. Additions to vocabulary
Reading is the source of vocabulary. If your child is reading a book, they collect thousands of new words daily. Instead of fixing a vocabulary class for them which might seem uninteresting, make them good readers. The more books they finish, the more words they will come across.

3. Promotes cognitive development
When children start reading regularly, their minds become sharper and more intelligent. They become confident and can give prompt answers to many difficult life situations. This is because reading helps to increase the cognitive development of the brain.

4. Improve creative thinking
If your child is an avid reader of story books, then everyday reading habits can also make them a storyteller. While reading, they start developing creative thoughts in their mind. Children are imaginative, and reading stories helps to instigate the child’s creative side. There can be cases where your child might be a brilliant writer one day.

5. Improves patience and focus
Reading is a time-consuming activity. It needs patience, dedication and concentration. If you want to increase the same in your child, start training them to read. A few minutes daily will help your child to improve his patience level. Moreover, children’s stories are full of moral values and hence will also develop a sense of empathy within the child.

If you want the best for your child, then enrol at Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School. It is an English medium ICSE school that follows the curriculum well and trains students for overall development. To know more, check our website.

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How ICSE Schools in Kolkata Help to Improve English Speaking Skills?

Being fluent in English is not a complex process. English is a global language and one of the smart mediums that are used for communication. It is essential to develop English speaking skills from an early age. Every school focuses on developing English speaking skills in students. However, very few schools concentrate on bringing fluency to the language. Although many videos are available over the internet that can help you learn English and speak the same language without any flaws, the contribution of a good school is always appreciated.

Some of the best ICSE schools in Kolkata focus on improving their students’ spoken English skills. Following are the simple ways that help to enhance the English speaking skills of the students. Read on and get enlightened.

4 Ways ICSE Schools Help to Increase the English Speaking Skills

1. Make reading habit
Most ICSE schools promote the habit of reading bedtime story books. This helps the students to inculcate the process of reading in English. Story books have simple yet formal English language used in them. Hence, reading every day makes the person knowledgeable about the language and also develops the student’s vocabulary.

2. Promote watching English videos
Schools also advise parents to help their children watch meaningful English videos about trending news, animals and creative discoveries. By hearing the speakers speak in English over the videos, the children can grasp the language. They start making meaningful sentences and gradually improve their fluency in English.

3. Communicate in English with friends
Children spend most of their hours in school communicating with friends. Hence schools generally make it compulsory for them to communicate in English with their friends, especially during school hours. This helps to increase their hold over the language, and they don’t get afraid of speaking in English in public spaces.

4. Motivate students to speak in English
Most ICSE schools promote a positive culture within the school premises. They always motivate the students to participate in elocution, recitation and public speaking as this helps to increase their English fluency. However, even if the child is making mistakes in speaking the language, the teachers in school generally positively motivate them to overcome their apprehensions and start loving the language.

Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School is one of the best ICSE schools in Kolkata that helps students to become fluent in English. We have the best faculty who motivates and promotes positivity among students to help them nurture into developed human beings. To know more, check our website.

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How to Make Career Choices – Based on Interests or Ability?

Before appearing for the 11th and 12th board examinations, students focus on choosing the career they want to pursue. For students focusing on pursuing a career in the medical or engineering streams, appearing for the entrance examinations while pursuing the 12th board exams is essential. Many streams require the student to score a certain percentage of marks. Based on the same, the students and the schools must prepare for the upcoming examinations.

The best primary schools in South Kolkata offer guidance to the students to help them decide on the type of career option that they should pursue. Remember that the school and the parents can only help; the student should take the final standpoint. Choice of career should be primarily based on two factors, namely – the student’s interests or the student’s ability.

What should be the standpoint of the student? The blog will help you understand the difference between two types of career choices.

Career Choices Based on Academics

Although you’ll find many students opting for career choices based on the marks scored in academics, this is an outdated process. In certain cases, the student must have scored a good percentage in one particular subject; however, if the student’s skill set doesn’t match that of the academics, then choosing a career in that particular field will not help. To effectively choose a career based on academics, ensure that you verify the points like realistic scores, investigative nature of the student, conventional approach and interest in the field of academics.

Less Stress on Academics and More on Skills

Schools are putting more stress on skill assessment rather than academic knowledge. Hence alongside studies, skills development has become an integral part of every student’s life. These include the development of soft skills like communication, team working, and personality development skills. Surely academics can help a child develop knowledge; however, sustaining in the corporate culture will become difficult for the students in future without the development of skills.

Choosing a Career Based on Passion

Again choosing a career based on passion alone is not a good decision. As mentioned earlier, passion and sufficient knowledge are essential to excel in any field. Hence, every student must focus on excelling academically and pursue a career depending on their skill set and the passion they have nurtured for the stream.

At Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School, we focus on nurturing the students’ skills and educational qualifications. We provide an excellent infrastructure for academics, sports, laboratories and extracurricular activities. Check our website for further details.

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How to Score Good Marks in 12th Board Examinations for ICSE Students?

Board Examinations are a difficult phase in the life of every student. After the 10th exam, the next hurdle is to overcome the 12th examination. Being nervous and restless are the two common feelings that every candidate appearing for the 12th exam faces. The results of the 12th board exam decide the career of the student. The marks they secure make them determine the stream they will pursue in the coming days. Thus it is necessary to prepare smartly for the exam and fetch good marks.

Best schools in South Kolkata pay attention to the fact that they help students mentally and educationally to prepare for the upcoming board exams. Here are some tips to help you get good marks in the 12th board exams.

4 Tips to Help You Secure Good Marks in The 12th Examination

Tip 1: Try to outdo yourself
If you’ve scored a good number in your 10th, it’s time to challenge yourself and try for a better result. Remember, you are your biggest contender. Hence, during the preparation stage, your focus should be on beating the previous scores that you’ve secured. Set up a benchmark and try to practise sample papers accordingly. This will help you to boost your scores and increase the percentage simultaneously.

Tip 2: Follow the syllabus book
Instead of getting distracted, make sure that you study the syllabus books in detail. They have the necessary curriculum you will face in your exams. Reference books are a great option; however, start with the same after completing the syllabus. Board questions are generally set with references from the syllabus books.

Tip 3: Work more on weaker subjects
Irrespective of the stream you’ve chosen, make sure that you attend all classes and take special help from the teachers on the weaker subjects. The ones where you can secure good marks, you’ll already be confident with the same. However, you need to work on the weaker ones.

Tip 4: Practise time management
Time management is a crucial factor when it comes to 12th board exams. Make sure you conjure up a timeline, divide hours, and study accordingly. This will help you put equal concentration on every subject and make you confident.

At Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School, we prepare children thoroughly for the 12th board examinations. We are one of the best English medium ICSE schools offering science, commerce and humanities streams for ISC examinations. To know more, check our website.

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Why Choose PB Academic School for the Primary Schooling Needs of your Child?

Teachers and parents are the first interactive people that every child encounters in their early life. While a parent guides a child through different phases of life, it is the responsibility of the teacher and the school to introduce them to the basics of the education structure. Primary schools are important in introducing the child to their first schooling experience. Some of the best primary schools in South Kolkata, like Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School, thus focus on keeping primary schooling a major concern.

If the foundation of the schools is built on a suitable platform, then the children can easily flourish in the coming days. The primary school has to guide the child and help them become better human beings. Read on to know more about the benefits of primary schooling in PB Academy.

What are The Benefits of Primary Schools in a Child’s Life?

1. Teaches the basic skills of life
Since primary school is the first step of every child’s life, primary schools teach basic skills like concepts of school, peer interaction, communication, proper behaviour and even discipline to every child. The child learns to voice their opinions and manage their emotions while spending time in primary learning sessions.

2. Helps in mental development
Apart from physical development, the child’s mental development is nurtured in primary school. A child is made to be attentive during the classes. A child also develops patience, ability to manage anger and time management skills in primary school.

3. Teaches social behaviour skills
Apart from physical and mental development, social and behavioural skills are also developed in primary schools. While attending school, the child learns to bond with the teacher and the other children. They develop sharing skills. They also learn to differentiate between the wrong and the right actions. Primary schools also inculcate good behaviour within the child, making them good human beings for the future.

4. Improves reading and writing skills
Primary schools like PB Academy help build learning, reading and writing skills among the children. In primary schools, the child is introduced to alphabets, colours, numbers, and writing techniques for the first time. When developed early, these skills ensure that the child can get complete development. The children receiving such education become more productive compared to the others.

5. Builds self-confidence in the child
Children attending primary schools from an early age develop a high level of self-confidence and become more independent and stable. They start to feel safe in the outer world, away from the loving grip of their parents. This helps the child explore new opportunities in life and develop creative thinking ability.

Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School is one of the renowned English medium primary schools in Kolkata, offering a complete and integrated learning pattern for the children. To know more check our website.

Modern vs Traditional Methods of Teaching

Modern vs Traditional Methods of Teaching – Significance of Each Method of Learning

Over the years, teaching and learning styles have changed significantly. With varying needs of learning changing over time, schools have customised the learning methods. Traditionally learning was limited to classrooms, blackboard and memorisation. However, scenarios have changed. Now the focus is primarily on developing students’ rational thinking processes and problem-solving abilities. The contemporary teaching method involves interactive methods of doing things creatively. Considering the changing scenario, students are now required to have practical knowledge about every aspect of life. Thus, mere learning of theories is not enough for the students.

Most of the ICSE affiliated schools in Kolkata follow the contemporary method of learning nowadays. However, there are pros and cons to both learning methods. To know more, read on and check out the differences between teaching methods.

Advantages of Traditional Teaching Methods

Traditional teaching methods are completely classroom-based teaching process that requires a smaller number of technological equipment and hence is affordable for all. Thus, this is still a prevalent method in rural areas. Moreover, in this method, the teacher and the student can directly interact with each other, and hence the bond between both deepens over time.

These schools are more focused on improving the students’ basic knowledge in subjects like physics, mathematics, and arts. Understanding the theories and memorising the same is the basic requirement of every school following traditional teaching methods. You can be sure of the stringent disciplinary guidelines that traditional schools follow.

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Advantages of Modern Teaching Methods

Modern or contemporary teaching methods are completely technology-based. With the help of the internet, online courses, slide shows, and classroom interactions, schools are changing their teaching mode to follow modern techniques. This broad learning style allows the students to think rationally and make rational decisions.

These types of classrooms make studying interesting for the children by providing animations, videos, and images that attract the children’s attention. This learning strategy helps develop problem-solving capabilities and rational thinking abilities in children. It is advantageous from the time point of view. Since the schools pay more attention to the development of practical knowledge in the students, the syllabus gets completed on time, and the students don’t have to take the burden of memorising the content.

Enrolling your child to Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School will help your child to get educated in the contemporary learning style. We have a well-equipped infrastructural facility to help every child learn the best.

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4 Points to Consider to Find the Best School for Your Child

Finding the right type of school is a daunting task for every parent. Schools lay the foundation stone for education. Hence, it is of utmost essential that you choose the right school to ensure the overall mental development of your child. Along with academics, a school plays a major role in shaping children’s personalities. There are various schools affiliated with different boards. How to choose the best one? This is a question that must have taken away the peace from the life of many parents.

Every school has its unique style of teaching and grooming children. Hence the choice entirely depends on the location, fee structure, teaching faculty and the type of school culture you want your child to experience. If you don’t have a personal preference, keep these common points in mind before finalising the best school in South Kolkata.

Read on to know more.

Tips for Selecting The Best School for Your Child

1. Check the credentials and affiliations
Credentials are an important part of every school. Before you admit your child, make sure that you check the authenticity of the credentials. Any governing authority does not recognise many schools. You must also check the board affiliations. For instance, most schools are affiliated with ICSE or CBSE boards and offer board recognised curriculum for the students.

2. Experience and qualification of teachers
Teachers are the torchbearers, philosophers and guides of every child. Apart from parents, a child spends most of the day learning from a teacher. Thus, you must check the faculty members’ qualifications, experience, and certifications before rounding off your decision.

3. Student-teacher ratio
Many parents forget to check the student-teacher ratio, which is one of the vital aspects of a school. A lower to medium teacher-student ratio encourages individual connections between the teacher and the student. For instance, if the number of students in a class is 70 and there is only one teacher to handle them, the proximity of providing care will go down.

4. Student safety measures
It is of utmost necessity that the school where you want to admit your child maintains adequate safety measures. The presence of safety measures like CCTV cameras, proper communication during the drop and pick up, background checks for non-teaching staff and security personnel in school premises are a few basic needs that you must look for before admitting your child to a school.

Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School has been a symbol of excellence in education for years. We have modern classrooms that provide a quality education through experienced faculties and a well-equipped library and sports facility for the child’s overall development. Check our website for further details and admit your child to the best ICSE school in South Kolkata.

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Effective Career Options – How to Select The Best Stream at Higher Secondary Level?

Did your child pass the secondary level? Instead of rejoicing, it’s time to help the child select the best stream that would help them take their first step towards their career option. After the 10th standard, as per the curriculum of the education board, every child is required to pursue one specific stream among arts, commerce and science.

Best ICSE schools in South Kolkata generally offer subject combinations of these three streams. Often the students are unaware of what they want to be in the future. Thus, they like to explore different options and combinations to understand the best career options feasibility. That’s where the school plays a vital role in helping and counselling every student to select the best career option.

Read on to know about the smart tips that can help you select the best career option after the 12th standard.

How To Select The Best Career Option After a Higher Secondary Level?

1. Select as per interest

Interest plays a vital role when you decide to pursue a career in a particular field. Till the 10th standard, an individual was required to study all common subjects irrespective of their interest level. However, from the 12th, the scenario changes. A student is not forced to study a subject beyond liking, preference or interest. Hence, selecting the subject combination of your interest will help you secure more marks. While studying a subject of your choice, you’ll end up completing the course within time and will be eager to learn the concepts.

2. Keep skill set in mind

Another important aspect of pursuing the best stream at the high secondary level is to keep the skill set in mind. Schools are thus helping every individual student get a piece of insight knowledge about the skills they possess. This will help the students understand the type of stream that they should select depending on their skill sets.

3. Priorities must be set

Every student must prioritise their career choice before selecting the specific course in the 12th level. For instance, depending on the personality traits, you must select the type of course that suits you the most. Hence, if you possess a mechanical personality, then engineering and technical jobs are the right choices for you. On the other hand, if your creative side is more prominent, it is advisable to pursue the arts without a doubt.

At Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School, we offer a wide range of flexible subject combinations where we offer economics with arts stream and Law with commerce stream. To know more check our website.

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How To Promote a Positive Aspect of Academic Achievement in Children?

Academic success at a very early age can make a child confident. To keep the trail of academic success continuous, schools and parents must encourage children through different aspects of education. There are several ways in which a child’s behaviour and mind can be fostered towards the direction of academic success. Best primary schools in South Kolkata focus on applying the same from the beginning of the education stage.

If you start promoting academic excellence from an early age, then there’s a possibility that a child’s complete mental development can be ensured. To know more, read on.

How to Promote Academic Achievement?

1. Make a Study Routine for Your Child
If you’re a school going child, then make sure that you implement a daily study routine. Make them sit with books every day at a particular time to get acquainted with the system. This helps your child to teach proper reading habits. This habit from the early days helps foster your child’s overall academic development.

2. Create Different Academic Goals
You must also set academic goals for your child to approach education as a realistic base. Be sure that the goals you set are realistic and completely achievable. Also, make a routine to track the timely progress of your child’s goals to ensure that they are working in the same direction as desired by you. Provide sufficient motivation to your child to help them achieve their goals as soon as possible.

3. Introduce Them to New Concepts
Please encourage your child to learn new concepts every day so that they can enjoy the process of learning and gain more knowledge with each passing day. Schools and parents must introduce puzzles, number games and other interesting concepts to the children every day to learn more easily and develop knowledge with passing the time.

4. Encourage Them to Learn Independently
To encourage academic achievement, you must spend quality time with your child and encourage independent learning activities in them. Even the schools foster an independent learning environment by encouraging students to make single and group projects. This will help them to develop problem-solving and decision-making skills. Don’t start helping your child at every moment in their life as this might make them dependent and will not encourage them to think rationally while taking education-based decisions.

5. Build Academic Confidence
Most of the time, students struggle to achieve the desired academic outcome because they are not confident enough in the types of ventures they are about to take. Hence, schools are likely to build confidence levels among the children to encourage good career growth in future.

Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School is one of the most reputed schools in South Kolkata, promoting the overall academic development of every child. Enrol your child now and ensure a bright future for them.

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How Flexibility of Choosing Different Subject Combinations at Higher Secondary Level Help Students?

Did your friend get more marks in 12th because they had Home Science instead of Computer Science? There are various instances among the students when these factors crop up as a part of justifying the poor marks secured by the students. Unlike the secondary education system, in the higher secondary levels, all ICSE schools in South Kolkata allow selecting subject combinations of their choice.

Subject combinations refer to subjects from a particular stream like arts, commerce and science that the students need to choose at the beginning of the academic session. The schools generally frame the process keeping two segments in mind. There’s a list of compulsory core subjects for every student pursuing higher secondary certification, and there’s a group of elective subjects from which an individual can build up the subject combinations.

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Why are Flexible Subject Combinations Important?

After completing the 10th level, when the student enters the higher secondary level, they have already made up their minds to pursue the type of career that will lead them towards success. Thus, the schools must offer the flexibility to choose the subject combinations to help them move in the right direction. Since the three streams (Arts, Commerce and Science) are completely diverse in terms of academic skills, certification, and interest, the flexibility of choosing subject combinations helps the student excel in their field of expertise.

Moreover, this is the first step towards the bigger career goals that an individual strives to achieve. Choosing the right subject combinations will allow the student to get an insight into the vast field of study he wants to pursue ahead. Hence a flexible subject combination helps in the following ways:

  • Provides positive motivation and encouragement to study the field of expertise and interest
  • It helps to avoid disparities in skills, knowledge, and brain development as you can study with other students with the same skill sets.
  • It helps to handle the subjects of their choice with complete confidence.

At Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School, we offer the most flexible subject combinations where a student gets the option of selecting legal studies or economics along with the Science stream. You can also combine biology with humanities if you have a knack for the subject. Similarly, for commerce students interested in learning the nitty-gritty of computer science, PBA is the place to be. Knowledge is open for all. You need to select the subjects you’re especially good at and make the best combination for yourself. For further details, contact us.

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