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Enrolling in an ICSE Board School? Tips To Prepare For The Entrance Exam

Children are issued a certificate of passing after completing their Grade 10 exam from an ICSE board school. This certificate is considered to be at par with other nationally-recognized boards. No wonder, the number of students enrolling in an ICSE board school is also enhancing. If you are also planning to take admission in a school that admit students based on an entrance exam, it’s time you start preparing for it. You will feel worried and tensed only if you don’t prepare for it properly.

Tips To Prepare For The Entrance Exam When Enrolling in an ICSE Board School


1. Select The Right Books
Instead of studying from the same book till the last day of your exam, you can choose a book from any writer. Irrespective of the book you are studying, make sure you cover all the topics suggested by your teacher. Never consider a book to be wrong. It would help if you had more faith in yourself than in your books.

2. Understand The Questions
Don’t leave difficult questions for the last day before your exams to impact your level of confidence. Try to figure out the repetitive questions as they are more critical, especially for the theory papers. Have a look on the Internet and search for vital topics in each subject.

3.  Revise
Make sure to revise the whole course of the exam twice before the exam. Revising all the topics might be a challenging task so be wise and do some selective study. All the concepts should be revised properly. For the practical portion, choose questions covering the vital concepts of the chapter.

What Makes Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School The Best ICSE School?


Though there are numerous ICSE affiliated schools in Kolkata, it is advisable that you choose one that pays equal importance to arts, languages and humanities. Parents widely prefer Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School as they use English as the medium of instruction. The objective is to strengthen the language skills of the children. They also give personalized attention to every student.

They provide quality education to foster the all-round development of a child. They have carved a niche in the education sector by imparting knowledge by friendly and experienced teachers. They aim to provide the best infrastructure and technology so that children can prepare well for their ICSE or ISC examination.

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