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Enrolling Your Child In A New School? Few Tips To Prepare Them

Though there are a few renowned ICSE board schools you can choose from for your child, what’s more challenging is to prepare them for joining the school. It is a massive transition in one’s life, and it is your responsibility to prepare them for their academic life. It is not only about nursery students, even those getting admission in a new school in their 3rd or 6th standard have to prepare themselves for the transition.

Some parents think they can quickly prepare their child when admitting them to a new school by accompanying them for the first few days. If you are one of them, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Most children don’t like going to school and come up with new excuses almost every morning. If you don’t want your child to feel homesick for their family or home, there are a few tips you can follow to prepare them for their school life.

3 Tips To Follow When Preparing Your Child For Their New School

1. Talk With Them

Once you have started looking for a reputed ICSE board school in Kolkata for your child, please share information about the school with them. They will start preparing for a drastic change in their environment once they come to know that you have initiated the admission process. If your child is mature enough to surf the internet, let them know the school’s name so they can check their website. It will help in making your child more familiar with the school’s images. They can quickly adapt to the new chapter in their life if they are prepared for the change.

2. Share Your Feelings

Parents can let their children know their feelings about the latter joining a school. Your child will have better peace of mind knowing that they are not the only ones feeling scared, nervous or sad. Parents can also encourage their kids to share their feelings with their friends or teachers, making it easier for them to deal with those. You should tell them that feeling excited about their new adventure is more important than feeling nervous.

3. Follow A Routine

Every parent will agree that enrolling their child is a new school is a big challenge as it is a huge transition for them. An easy way to prepare them for the transition is by making them follow a routine. Have a specific time for sleeping so that they have a sufficient sleep before you wake them up for school the following day. Choose a specific lunchtime and make sure that it coincides with their lunchtime once their school starts.

Since you are now aware of a few tips which will help you prepare your child for their new school, it’s time you choose a reputed ICSE board school. Parents widely prefer Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School as they use English as the medium of instruction and aim to strengthen their children’s language skills. They also give personalized attention to every student.

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