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The maths club of Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School has undertaken the initiative of inculcating the interest in the subject across the school. The students enthusiastically participated in five different activities under the guidance of the maths teachers. It was a successful venture as students displayed overwhelming response. The school has once again shown its mettle that despite being distantly connected they are capable of guiding the students to achieve nothing but the best.

Activity 1: was the puzzle time, made with the help of square box by the students of class-5. They found an individual, missing number with the help of grids.

Activity 2: was done by the students of class-6, different types of angles demonstrated by rotating discs.

 Activity 3: was done by the students of class-7 who represented the multiplication of fractions, numerically, as well as graphically.

Activity 4: was based on the Angle sum property. Students of class-8, proved that sum of the angles of a tringle is 180 degree.

Activity 5: the last but not the least done by the students of class-9 which was based on finding the health status of class-9 by Body Mass Index(B.M.I.) method.

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