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Cyber Security

How Parents Can Teach Kids about Cyber Security

Being a parent, you are always concern about the safety and security of your child. Whether it is the real-life or the virtual life – you need to ensure that your kids are secure. As a parent, you should know how to teach your kids about cybersecurity.

As per the data, children are using the internet more than adults. Be it for gaming, entertainment or learning – children are using the internet more than before. The cyber-world is not a very safe place for users. Your child must also know how to stay safe while being online for gaming, learning or their entertainment.

There can be different types of frauds and forgeries done with your child through the internet if you do not put enough attention to your child’s online activities. You should teach your kids about CyberSecurity correctly so that they can understand the threats and keep themselves safe from the same.

Simple Tips for Teaching CyberSecurity

  • Talk to Them

Don’t presume the smartness or intelligence of your kids just by their age group. In today’s life, kids are smarter than you think. Hence, don’t assume that they are not ready to understand the matter of cybersecurity. Talk to them about the subject and make them aware of the issue in a style which they can understand easily.

  • The Power of Unique Password

Make your kids understand the power of having a unique password for different accounts instead of having one “master password”. Explain how the hackers can easily hack their accounts when they use a single password for every account. You can give the example of using different locks for different doors instead of using one single lock in your house.

  • Protects Personal Information

Remind your child that the cyber world is just like the real world, if not more dangerous. Here you do not know the real identity of the people. Hence, you should not disclose all your personal information to them. Teach your kids to protect their data and integrity while using the internet to avoid frauds. Let them understand the “online strangers” and ask them to stay away from them too.

  • Use Secure wifi For CyberSecurity

Teach your child about maintaining the security of the wifi connection of your home. Teach them not to share the password of your wifi to anyone outside the family. Using secure wifi networks helps your child to use the internet safely.

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  • Keep the Computer Safe

Use anti-virus in your computer to keep the device safe from any kind of unwanted virus attack. Let your kids understand the importance of using anti-virus on the computer. Tell them that it is necessary to stop using the sites that are not secured to maintain the security of the machine.

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