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How Technology Is Integrated Into the Teaching Curriculum

With the advent of modern technologies, it has touched all the sectors of our lives. Education is not an exception in this case. The changing face of the teaching curriculum in India is a great example of how technology is integrated into it. 

The incorporation of modern technologies into today’s education system can be highly felt during the pandemic lockdown phase. Teachers are taking online classes with the help of various video calling apps. On the other hand, students are gaining knowledge through different types of learning apps.

What is Technology Integration in Education

This process is defined as the use of advanced technology to support and enhance the current educational environment in a country. The incorporation or integration of technologies in a classroom helps the teachers to teach the students more promptly than before. The students also get the chance to complete their lessons and assignments on the computer instead of using pen and paper.

How Can Technology Enhance Learning and Teaching

With the help of technology integration, students can get the support of their teachers anytime they want; even outside the typical classroom hours. If a student needs more time to practice or understand a certain chapter, then the modern teaching apps allow him or her to do so. On the other hand, students who do not need such an elaborate session can go ahead with their next classes.

The teachers feel free to provide their support to the students who need it the most instead of spending all their energies and efforts for the entire class.

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How Technology Should Be Integrated into Modern Day Teaching Curriculum

The aim of technology integration in education or teaching curriculum is allowing students to apply technology responsibly while learning new things and enjoy the benefits. They should acquire, apply, demonstrate and communicate information through technology. They should be aware of the smartest techniques of learning. 

Using a digital platform to introduce the latest chapters and lessons to the students

  • Applying 3D technologies to make complex things easier for them
  • Allow them to interact and share through technologies
  • Encouraging their creativity and imaginative powers
  • Building up the ability to think rationally over a certain topic
  • Helping them in the advanced calculation and analyzing mathematical data
  • Offering the most relevant study aids to accumulate research and information

Benefits of Integrating Technology in Teaching Curriculum

  1. Fastest learning
  2. Easy to understand the method
  3. Access to best study materials
  4. Build teamwork environment
  5. Get information about the outside world

In this present lockdown situation, all the schools in India are offering online classes to their students. The teachers are taking classes online through various apps where the students can communicate, interact and share.

PB Academy is a renowned school in Kolkata. This is a co-education school. We are presently available for online classes due to COVID 19 lockdown. Our teachers are using the best online platforms to take classes of the students in a regular manner.

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