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How To Balance Between Playtime and Online Classes?

A few years back, the concept of online classes was a mere thought of the mind; however, with technology taking a toll over our lives, online classes have been a significant part of every student’s life. Some of the best schools in South Kolkata put stress on online classes, which helps nurture the extra knowledge within the students.

However, with so many online class activities going around, the children’s playtime has reduced manifoldly. If you engage your child in education and online classes all the time, their minds might get clogged. The more they play, the better their IQ level is going to increase. Hence finding a specific time in the day for games is essential.

What you need to do is make time for your kids to play as well? Keeping parity between your child’s playtime and education is necessary. Otherwise, the overall development of the child will be hindered.

Here are a few tips that can help your child keep a balance between the two.

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1. Start The Day Earlier

If your kid keeps on sleeping, then he/she is missing out a lot of the time of the day. As the saying goes, early risers are always the wiser ones. So, get your kid up early in the morning. After some breakfast, they can easily indulge in their favorite gameplay. The fresh mind of the early morning will keep them rejuvenated whole day. This will also fasten their learning process.

2. Arrange For Indoor Games

Playing doesn’t only mean that the kid needs to go out. Instead, you can also arrange for some indoor games for your kids. Games like ludo, chess, and carrom can make your kid’s mind engaged and help in mental development. Hence, it’s a method of keeping the patient and engaged and improve.

3. Keep a Separate Time For Online Classes

Don’t engage your kid in the online class all day long. This will eventually tire them mentally and make them cranky. Give them a suitable time every day when they should start their respective courses. This will bring them in a routined life and give them the freedom of enjoying their games the other time of the day.

4. Make a Timetable For Their Daily Life

Get your kid under a scheduled timetable system. Kids have a freckle mind. Hence playing games is the first thing that strikes them whenever they’re free. If you don’t engage your kid in activities, then it will not come to them spontaneously. Hence make a separate timetable for them and let them follow the same. Once they get used to the same, they know the time allocated to engage in play activities. This will maintain a balance in everything in their life.

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