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How to Make Career Choices – Based on Interests or Ability?

Before appearing for the 11th and 12th board examinations, students focus on choosing the career they want to pursue. For students focusing on pursuing a career in the medical or engineering streams, appearing for the entrance examinations while pursuing the 12th board exams is essential. Many streams require the student to score a certain percentage of marks. Based on the same, the students and the schools must prepare for the upcoming examinations.

The best primary schools in South Kolkata offer guidance to the students to help them decide on the type of career option that they should pursue. Remember that the school and the parents can only help; the student should take the final standpoint. Choice of career should be primarily based on two factors, namely – the student’s interests or the student’s ability.

What should be the standpoint of the student? The blog will help you understand the difference between two types of career choices.

Career Choices Based on Academics

Although you’ll find many students opting for career choices based on the marks scored in academics, this is an outdated process. In certain cases, the student must have scored a good percentage in one particular subject; however, if the student’s skill set doesn’t match that of the academics, then choosing a career in that particular field will not help. To effectively choose a career based on academics, ensure that you verify the points like realistic scores, investigative nature of the student, conventional approach and interest in the field of academics.

Less Stress on Academics and More on Skills

Schools are putting more stress on skill assessment rather than academic knowledge. Hence alongside studies, skills development has become an integral part of every student’s life. These include the development of soft skills like communication, team working, and personality development skills. Surely academics can help a child develop knowledge; however, sustaining in the corporate culture will become difficult for the students in future without the development of skills.

Choosing a Career Based on Passion

Again choosing a career based on passion alone is not a good decision. As mentioned earlier, passion and sufficient knowledge are essential to excel in any field. Hence, every student must focus on excelling academically and pursue a career depending on their skill set and the passion they have nurtured for the stream.

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