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How to Score Good Marks in 12th Board Examinations for ICSE Students?

Board Examinations are a difficult phase in the life of every student. After the 10th exam, the next hurdle is to overcome the 12th examination. Being nervous and restless are the two common feelings that every candidate appearing for the 12th exam faces. The results of the 12th board exam decide the career of the student. The marks they secure make them determine the stream they will pursue in the coming days. Thus it is necessary to prepare smartly for the exam and fetch good marks.

Best schools in South Kolkata pay attention to the fact that they help students mentally and educationally to prepare for the upcoming board exams. Here are some tips to help you get good marks in the 12th board exams.

4 Tips to Help You Secure Good Marks in The 12th Examination

Tip 1: Try to outdo yourself
If you’ve scored a good number in your 10th, it’s time to challenge yourself and try for a better result. Remember, you are your biggest contender. Hence, during the preparation stage, your focus should be on beating the previous scores that you’ve secured. Set up a benchmark and try to practise sample papers accordingly. This will help you to boost your scores and increase the percentage simultaneously.

Tip 2: Follow the syllabus book
Instead of getting distracted, make sure that you study the syllabus books in detail. They have the necessary curriculum you will face in your exams. Reference books are a great option; however, start with the same after completing the syllabus. Board questions are generally set with references from the syllabus books.

Tip 3: Work more on weaker subjects
Irrespective of the stream you’ve chosen, make sure that you attend all classes and take special help from the teachers on the weaker subjects. The ones where you can secure good marks, you’ll already be confident with the same. However, you need to work on the weaker ones.

Tip 4: Practise time management
Time management is a crucial factor when it comes to 12th board exams. Make sure you conjure up a timeline, divide hours, and study accordingly. This will help you put equal concentration on every subject and make you confident.

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