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e-learning for pre-primary

Importance of E-Learning Curriculum for Pre-Primary Children

Online technology has made it possible for pre-primary kids to get the facility of e-learning right at their doorsteps. E-learning is being described as the future of education. The concept of e-learning has changed the face of education, teaching and the learning process to a large extent. It makes the children’s learning experience interesting and allows the teachers to get access to a wide range of information and study materials.

Thus, the best primary schools in South Kolkata are restoring to the e-learning process to make education interesting. Studies show that children learn fast through their senses. Hearing and vision are the two major senses that a kid uses to intake information and learn things. E-learning is a boon in such a case. It increases the hand and eye coordination and motor skills of the kid. Thus, the kid learns faster, improve the image clearly in mind and solve problems quickly.

E-learning For Pre-Primary Kids – Good or Bad?

This is an ongoing debate that makes many parents curious about the efficiency of e-learning methods. As per the concerned parents, the kids are subjected to prolonged screen time that might have adverse effects on the eyes and brains of the kid. You can’t deny this fact!

However, think of it from the perspective of your kid. Do they love it? Yes, they certainly are! That’s because e-learning offers engaging content, unlike traditional schools, where the kid gets the opportunity to learn with time. There’s no hurry, no competition. Let your kid learn elegantly. Unlike classrooms where the eager and fast learners can make the slow learners feel inferior, you won’t face any such problem here.

You can cut off the bad part of e-learning by limiting screen time. A kid is not supposed to remain glued to the phone or laptop for hours. Make a study schedule for your kid and try out new courses every day to avoid getting bored.

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Curriculum in E-learning Methods

An e-learning process becomes successful only when a proper curriculum is followed, and the teacher uses the proper set of tools to impart knowledge. The curriculum of all e-learning schools is personalised. Depending on the intake capacity of the kids, the curriculum is designed. Moreover, kids are imaginative human beings. Hence the teachers in the curriculum try to induce imaginative activities that keep the kids engrossed throughout the course.

The common programs for pre-primary kids include numeracy, environmental awareness, drawing, recitation and storytelling, and literacy. Moreover, the parents can drive greater engagement for the kids by getting involved in their respective curriculum.

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E-learning Class Plans

  • If you’re looking forward to enrolling your kid into an e-learning class, then you can expect a 2 to 3 hours classroom session with the following plans.
  • Arrangement of online class per day with all learners for not more than one hour.
  • Home works and activities are to be completed by the kids and helped by the parents after the class ends.
  • E-content learning and activities for kids to be completed under the supervision of the parents.
  • Online interaction of the teachers with the students every day for half an hour.

Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School is a reputed school in South Kolkata that offers live online interactive classes through G-meet and Google classrooms. Our motive is to encourage kids to learn attractively and creatively. This helps them to get tech-savvy along with being knowledgeable.

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