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Health and Hygiene

Interesting Health and Hygiene Tips for Child’s Well-being

Encouraging healthy eating habits and hygiene maintenance comes directly from two source – the parents and the educational institutes. Amidst the different attractive food options like chocolates, ice cream and chips, the nutritional food value is lost nowadays. Since a child spends a lot of their time in schools, hence initiatives need to begin there.

Schools are thus including nutritional knowledge classes and hygiene class to teach some good behaviours within the kids. However, instead of forcing a child to eat nutritional food, you can smartly include the nutrition in their daily food routine without them knowing the same.

For parents, here are a few fun facts on child nutrition that will surely blow your mind.

4 Nutritional Fun Facts

1. Feed Vitamin C to Boost Immunity
Include lemons in their daily meals. You can make juice of the same and feed your child. Lemon is not only the direct source of vitamin c but also keeps the child energized, immune and active throughout the day.

Feed Vitamin C

2. Non-animal Source of Vitamin D
While you may scold them for eating pizzas, did you know that mushrooms in pizzas are the only non-animal source of vitamin D. It helps fight cancer cells, depression and body aches. Make pizzas at home with mushrooms and treat them to nutrition.

mushroom piza

3. Pumpkin Seeds are a Boon
You might have thrown them away a hundred times, but these tiny asymmetric seeds have a list of nutritional minerals that you can’t even imagine. It is enriched in fibre, protein, vitamin K, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium and fat. Next time don’t forget to include this in your kid’s meal.

pumpkin seeds

4. Celery is a Medicinal Herb
Celery is generally used as a medicinal plant and has high forms of micronutrients. Thus adding the same can help you reduce diabetes, heart problems, weight gain and vision loss.

Celery Medicinal Herb

3 Must-Follow Hygiene Practices

1. Foot Care
Since children wear shoes all day long and participate in different sports activities, foot hygiene is a must. They should wash their feet with antibacterial soaps every day and apply moisturizers to prevent cracks. Changing socks frequently is also a good practice that parents should nurture in them. Legs are the support systems. The complete bodyweight rests on the feet. Keeping them clean is necessary.

foot care

2. Dental Care
Children keep on munching on different things throughout the day. Hence flowing appropriate dental hygiene care is a necessity. They should brush twice daily with antibacterial paste. Teach them to floss their teeth before going to bed. Proper care should also be taken to clean the tongue.

dental care

3. Ear Care
Ears are the most neglected part of the body. Since we’re unable to see the inside of our ears, we believe that there’s no need to clean the same. Teach your child to apply ear lotion once a week and get the ear wax out. If ears are not cleaned accurately in the long run, it may give rise to pain.

ear care

At Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School, we believe that a child’s knowledge should not be limited to books; they should also have a fair idea of their health, well being, and society.

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