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Parenting in Pandemic – How to Make Things Easier for Your Child

If anyone has the most terrible mental effects of this prolonged lockdown system, it is the child of your family. You may think that he or she is not mature enough to understand the severity of the situation. It is true, and that makes the situation even worse for them. They are experiencing drastic changes in their lifestyle, but they do not understand why so many restrictions are there. For good parenting, you always need to try to make things easier for your children during this pandemic lockdown.

You are also going through uncertainty, financial crisis, fear of losing the job due to the lockdown or get worried about the health of your family. Maybe you are working from home, and not allowed to go outside to enjoy your routine. Managing household jobs without domestic help may become stressful as well. All these things may make you feel trapped, but the situation is nothing better for your children at home either.

Essential Tips for Parenting During COVID 19

Here are few tips for the parents on how they should handle their kids during the pandemic lockdown and what steps they must take to ensure the mental, emotional and physical health of their kids.

Discuss the Situation with Your Kids

Don’t hide the severity of the situation from your kids. Don’t tell them any improper information which may lead false ideas inside their mind about the pandemic. Discuss pandemic, its severity and the seriousness of this current situation with your children. Choose the terms that he or she can understand as per their ages. Answer their questions about the pandemic and COVID 19 and never tell them lies.

Recognise Your Kids’ Emotion

The situation is getting tougher for adults. Hence, it can become more critical for the children as well. Therefore, you should try to recognise the feelings or the emotion of your children. It is quite normal to become upset for a child in such an unusual situation; tell them that it is okay to be confused or agitated, and you can understand their feelings as good parenting. Tell them that you are there for them always and they can discuss their fear or stress with you anytime they want.

Keep Healthy Routines

Lockdown changes our daily routines to some extent. You have no hurry to leave home in the morning to reach school and office on time, no need to go to bed early or no need to take lunch on time because the time has changed a lot nowadays. This may lead to some unhealthy routines in your children’s life. You should keep healthy habits on the track. Follow the wake-up and bed-time routines, and maintain their study routine as well.

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Last but not the least point is, be patient. We all know that it may sound impossible to be patient during this situation, but you have to for the sake of the healthy lifestyle of your kids during COVID 19 lockdown.

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