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Things To Look For in a School During Class 11 Admission

If you are looking for a school where you can enrol in class 11, you have to consider numerous things. The situation around COVID-19 is improving across the country and it’s time we start paying attention to our career and academic life. Since there are numerous ICSE board schools in South Kolkata, choosing one often becomes a daunting task.

It is not only about education, you also have to choose a school which will provide you with a platform to showcase your creativity and talent. One of the few schools near Tollygunge which fosters the all-round development of students is Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School.

Want To Choose The Best School For Your Class 11 Admission? 4 Things To Look For

1. Build A Strong Academic Foundation

You will have complete peace of mind if you can choose a school which focuses on building a strong academic foundation. They should have years of experience in educating children with quality education. Their environment should nurture and enhance the special academic talents of each and every student. It is the responsibility of their teachers to implement a strong curriculum and research-based techniques. The school should be committed to provide a strong academic foundation.

2. Career Counselling Tips

Choose the best school near Tollygunge for your class 11 admission and reap the benefits of career counselling. They have experienced career counsellors who are aware of the available jobs in the market. They use their experience and knowledge so you can explore and discover different career opportunities. Experienced counsellors will not only advice you on the right career choice but also let you know why drama, arts, community service, debating and music forms a significant part of your curriculum.

3. Flexibility In Subject Combination

A majority of the schools let students choose a cluster of core subjects. Few of which are psychology, economics, home science, biotechnology, computer science, economics, mathematics, fine arts and psychology. It is not only about flexibility in subject combination, the school should also provide an excellent infrastructure for academics, sports, laboratories and other extracurricular activities. If you want to include Mathematics, make sure you are aware of its basics.

4. Shape Mind For Future Studies

Since choosing the best school for class 11 admissions is more challenging than you think, you should focus more on the school and how they impart and shape minds for further studies. Their teachers should know the importance of inculcating the feeling of nationalism at an impressionable age as they are the future leaders of the country. When you choose ISC board in Class XI, you can expect to reap the same opportunities students appearing for JEE or medical examination has.

These being said, it’s time you consider the points stated above and choose Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School for your class 11 admission.

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