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Extracurricular Activities

What are The Different Types of Extracurricular Activities in Schools?

Extracurricular Activities in schools are designed to promote the complete and proper growth of children. Thus, the prime motto of the school should be to introduce a comprehensive extracurricular activities for every kid in school. Extracurricular activities in schools are designed to foster both the mental and physical development of children. The best ICSE schools in Kolkata plan wellness programs to keep them moving throughout the day by engaging them in different activities.

The major aim of the extracurricular activities is to promote productivity and physical well-being. It encourages the students to become disciplined, socially approachable and develops good behaviour within the students. Children are the future of the nation; hence it is the duty of the schools to provide appropriate extracurricular activities for the betterment and child development.

Different Types of Extracurricular Activities Offered by Schools

1. Congenial studying environment
Environment plays a crucial role in fostering the type of behaviour that your child will exhibit in future. Hence, schools have made it compulsory to develop a joyful and interactive environment for the children as a part of their extracurricular activities. A good environment always inculcates a sense of positivity. Positivity helps in developing a knowledge base in children. A positive environment encourages them to learn, get good marks and succeed in the long run. Thus, this is a vital part of the wellness program that every school should follow.

2. Yoga and exercise classes
Yoga classes are very important for the physical and mental development of kids. Yoga helps students to develop energy, concentration, helps in mental relaxation, fitness and benefits the body by increasing the metabolism rate. Thus, schools in Kolkata focus on including yoga sessions as a part of extracurricular activities. This helps kids to embrace a healthy life.

3. Options of playground
A big playground in the school is an essential part of the school’s structure. Playgrounds give children the opportunity to enjoy their leisure time by engaging in different sporting activities. Thus, most of the ICSE schools have included sports as a part of the curriculum. Simple sports training in football, basketball and cricket is a part of the extracurricular activity conducted by the schools. Sports help children to develop communication skills, team working skills and leadership ability. Hence, this is a vital part of the extracurricular activities undertaken by the school authorities.

4. Motivational sessions
Motivation is the prime way to inculcate positivity in human beings. Hence, schools include motivational talks as a part of the child development and welfare program. Schools invite motivational speakers and achievers to promote responsibility and positivity in the kids through their stories. This develops the children’s mental aspects and helps them achieve the goal that they have set for themselves.

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