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5 Benefits of Everyday Reading Habit in a Child

Reading is a great habit and a form of positive addiction with several amazing benefits. The habit of daily reading must be inculcated in every child as it helps to improve the vocabulary and stimulates their level of creativity. Hence, the best ICSE schools in Kolkata advise the students and their parents to develop the habit of daily book reading.

Reading implies everything that supplies sufficient usable information. You can read journals, story books or even academic curriculum books. However, every parent must encourage their child to read for at least an hour before they doze off. Here are a few benefits that you will surely notice in your child if they practise the habit of reading daily.

Why should your child be reading daily?

1. Development of language
Reading is the best way that helps a child to learn a particular language. Reading is key to getting close to the language, whether English or any other vernacular language. The more your child reads the more they will be able to speak freely in the language.

2. Additions to vocabulary
Reading is the source of vocabulary. If your child is reading a book, they collect thousands of new words daily. Instead of fixing a vocabulary class for them which might seem uninteresting, make them good readers. The more books they finish, the more words they will come across.

3. Promotes cognitive development
When children start reading regularly, their minds become sharper and more intelligent. They become confident and can give prompt answers to many difficult life situations. This is because reading helps to increase the cognitive development of the brain.

4. Improve creative thinking
If your child is an avid reader of story books, then everyday reading habits can also make them a storyteller. While reading, they start developing creative thoughts in their mind. Children are imaginative, and reading stories helps to instigate the child’s creative side. There can be cases where your child might be a brilliant writer one day.

5. Improves patience and focus
Reading is a time-consuming activity. It needs patience, dedication and concentration. If you want to increase the same in your child, start training them to read. A few minutes daily will help your child to improve his patience level. Moreover, children’s stories are full of moral values and hence will also develop a sense of empathy within the child.

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