How Parents Can Teach Kids about Cyber Security

Being a parent, you are always concern about the safety and security of your child. Whether it is the real-life or the virtual life – you need to ensure that your kids are secure. As a parent, you should know how to teach your kids about cybersecurity.

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As per the data, children are using the internet more than adults. Be it for gaming, entertainment or learning – children are using the internet more than before. The cyber-world is not a very safe place for users. Your child must also know how to stay safe while being online for gaming, learning or their entertainment.

There can be different types of frauds and forgeries done with your child through the internet if you do not put enough attention to your child’s online activities. You should teach your kids about CyberSecurity correctly so that they can understand the threats and keep themselves safe from the same.

Simple Tips for Teaching CyberSecurity

  • Talk to Them

Don’t presume the smartness or intelligence of your kids just by their age group. In today’s life, kids are smarter than you think. Hence, don’t assume that they are not ready to understand the matter of cybersecurity. Talk to them about the subject and make them aware of the issue in a style which they can understand easily.

  • The Power of Unique Password

Make your kids understand the power of having a unique password for different accounts instead of having one “master password”. Explain how the hackers can easily hack their accounts when they use a single password for every account. You can give the example of using different locks for different doors instead of using one single lock in your house.

  • Protects Personal Information

Remind your child that the cyber world is just like the real world, if not more dangerous. Here you do not know the real identity of the people. Hence, you should not disclose all your personal information to them. Teach your kids to protect their data and integrity while using the internet to avoid frauds. Let them understand the “online strangers” and ask them to stay away from them too.

  • Use Secure wifi For CyberSecurity

Teach your child about maintaining the security of the wifi connection of your home. Teach them not to share the password of your wifi to anyone outside the family. Using secure wifi networks helps your child to use the internet safely.

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  • Keep the Computer Safe

Use anti-virus in your computer to keep the device safe from any kind of unwanted virus attack. Let your kids understand the importance of using anti-virus on the computer. Tell them that it is necessary to stop using the sites that are not secured to maintain the security of the machine.

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4 Benefits Of Taking Online Classes Amid The Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis

The deadly COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the entire globe. The fatal disease has brought world economies to a standstill and forced people to confine themselves in their homes for the foreseeable future. The ongoing crisis has hurt the students as schools and colleges have been shut down. Academic years have been halted, and it is still unclear when things will be returning to normal. With traditional educational institutes closed worldwide to implement social distancing measures, online classes have emerged as the hero.

Online Classes

More and more students are signing up for e-classes to continue their process of learning in these difficult times. Most of the schools across the country are also offering online classes to help the students keep up to their daily study schedules so that afterwards to do not find any difficulty to cope up with the curriculum due to shortage of time.

Here Are Four Significant Benefits Of Online Classes In The Extraordinary Conditions Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

 Adherence To Social Distancing

The first and foremost benefit of online classes is that you can abide by social distancing measures. By interacting with teachers and your peers via the internet, you can attend lectures while staying at home. Social distancing has been mandated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the primary measure for defeating COVID-19. Online classes prevent any roadblock to your natural learning process while keeping you and the society safe.

 Less Pressure On Parents Working From Home

Currently, a large number of parents are working from home for their organisations. Work-from-home is often accompanied by unlikely work hours and long video conferences. Hence, it can be difficult for parents to devote enough time and attention to their children’s education. In such a situation, online classes can act as a boon. Explanatory video classes can keep students engaged and help them imbibe knowledge with minimal assistance.

Easy Accessibility At All Times In Online Classes

Self-isolation can be mentally strenuous, especially for the young. Online classes can act as the perfect antidote to boredom and lack of activity. To access online courses at any time of the day, all you need is a necessary internet connection and any electronic gadget such as a:

  • Smartphone
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Personal Computer (PC)


The time constraints of traditional educational institutes do not apply to online classes. Hence, students can make optimal use of self-paced and accessible learning.

 Availability Of Numerous Free Online Classes

The internet is a treasure trove of knowledge. Currently, most schools are encouraging their students to take up their educational courses available online. Since the COVID-19 crisis has led to lockdowns worldwide, parents can still look after the education of their young ones by enrolling them to the quality online course offered by their respective institutions.

Parenting in Pandemic – How to Make Things Easier for Your Child

If anyone has the most terrible mental effects of this prolonged lockdown system, it is the child of your family. You may think that he or she is not mature enough to understand the severity of the situation. It is true, and that makes the situation even worse for them. They are experiencing drastic changes in their lifestyle, but they do not understand why so many restrictions are there. For good parenting, you always need to try to make things easier for your children during this pandemic lockdown.

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You are also going through uncertainty, financial crisis, fear of losing the job due to the lockdown or get worried about the health of your family. Maybe you are working from home, and not allowed to go outside to enjoy your routine. Managing household jobs without domestic help may become stressful as well. All these things may make you feel trapped, but the situation is nothing better for your children at home either.

Essential Tips for Parenting During COVID 19

Here are few tips for the parents on how they should handle their kids during the pandemic lockdown and what steps they must take to ensure the mental, emotional and physical health of their kids.

Discuss the Situation with Your Kids

Don’t hide the severity of the situation from your kids. Don’t tell them any improper information which may lead false ideas inside their mind about the pandemic. Discuss pandemic, its severity and the seriousness of this current situation with your children. Choose the terms that he or she can understand as per their ages. Answer their questions about the pandemic and COVID 19 and never tell them lies.

Recognise Your Kids’ Emotion

The situation is getting tougher for adults. Hence, it can become more critical for the children as well. Therefore, you should try to recognise the feelings or the emotion of your children. It is quite normal to become upset for a child in such an unusual situation; tell them that it is okay to be confused or agitated, and you can understand their feelings as good parenting. Tell them that you are there for them always and they can discuss their fear or stress with you anytime they want.

Keep Healthy Routines

Lockdown changes our daily routines to some extent. You have no hurry to leave home in the morning to reach school and office on time, no need to go to bed early or no need to take lunch on time because the time has changed a lot nowadays. This may lead to some unhealthy routines in your children’s life. You should keep healthy habits on the track. Follow the wake-up and bed-time routines, and maintain their study routine as well.

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Last but not the least point is, be patient. We all know that it may sound impossible to be patient during this situation, but you have to for the sake of the healthy lifestyle of your kids during COVID 19 lockdown.

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5 Essential Tips to Help Your Kids Get Organised

Getting organised is art. It is a habit that can change a life forever. So, the base to get organised must be built at a very young age. A child will have a big difference in attitude, thought, and learning if he/she is motivated to get organised. During the initial days, it might involve some effort to ingrain the idea of getting organised in a child’s mind. Still, over time with constant motivation, a child will surely realise the need for proper organisation capability. The inspiration should come from both home and school. Here are a few tips to improve the organisational skills of kids.

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Essentials To Make Your Kids Organised In Life

Divide the Day’s Tasks into Separate Blocks

Make an even break-up of the daily functions of your child at home and from school in smaller and manageable chunks. This will make the work appear easier. This will also enable the kids to perceive the task with an easy mind frame. He/she will understand that every job constitutes a beginning, middle, and an end. For instance, if the child is assigned with a work of cleaning the table after dinner, then explain the chore with a step-by-step approach. He/she must first put the leftovers in the trash bin, then put the dishes in the sink and then wipe the table and the counters clean.

Prepare to-do Lists For Kids

Help the child to create a checklist and put the day-to-day tasks, including homework and the little chores on it. The list should be placed somewhere he/she can check it at regular intervals. This will help them to gain a sense of accomplishment after each task been completed successfully.

Help Them Work on Their Time-Management Skills

Encourage the child to create and maintain a timesheet. The time table must have the time required to complete each task as estimated by the child him/herself. After finishing the job, they must check if the actual time matches the estimated one. Accordingly, they should work on managing time more efficiently. This would be an excellent exercise to enhance the ability to manage time from a very age.

Teach Them Set Daily Schedules

This is another essential practice a child must indulge in from the earlier days of his/her life. Creating daily routines will help in regularising their works and make them understand what should be expected throughout the day. This will also allow them to develop a concrete time management strategy which is going to help them through a lifetime.

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Introduce the Concept of Organising Ideas

Introduce your child to the concept of organising ideas. Ask them to take the class notes in two columns. A narrow column should be kept in the left for the primary purpose and the questions related to them. The wide column in the right, on the other hand, should be used for jotting down all the other details. Later on, while studying these columns will help him/her to review the ideas and check how much he/she remembers.

Apart from these, there are several other ways you can encourage your kids in building organisational abilities, like by creating memory aids, implementing colour coding, teach him/her to organise the backpack and the workspace at regular intervals. This will help them think ahead. A school also plays an important role in building a child’s skills and character. PB Academy is one such school in Kolkata.  It strives to make the best human being of your child. Get your kid admitted in this reputed institution and see the difference in your child’s world.

The Significance of Creating Digital Classroom in Schools

The world of education is constantly evolving to match the ever-changing needs of human civilisation. The inclusion of modern technologies is one of the most significant driving factors in changing the face of education all over the world. The students of this era have been growing up surrounded by different types of technologies. How can you keep their education system away from this?

This is the reason; the parents prefer to have a digital classroom in the school for their kids. They know that such kind of digital learning will help their kids to be familiar with new ideas in an engaging and efficient manner.

Digital Classroom

What Is Digital Classroom

A digital classroom is a classroom with full digital equipment and support. The class is totally immersed in modern technologies that can help the students in learning their lessons. Sometimes things that are not in their books as well. The students can have access to internet-connected devices in this classroom. It can be a laptop, desktop or notebook. Most of the curriculum will be delivered to the students via an online interactive platform. At Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School, you will get all these facilities.

The Benefits of Having Digital Classroom in School

Switch to Digital

Encouraging the kids to get familiar with the idea of going digital. They can see the impact of digitalisation everywhere in their lives. From smart television to online payment of electricity bills; everywhere, the effect of the internet is prominent and significant. In such a situation, getting that same kind of environment inside the classroom will help them to be prepared for this evolution.

Exciting Process of Learning

When you compare the conventional classroom with a digital classroom. You will find the later one more exciting and fun-filled for the students. They love the way they get to visualise their lessons on the screen of their laptops. They feel excited to solve problems and find answers on their screens as well. The audio-visual lessons make the classes full of excitement.

Help the Students to Learn Fast

It is proven that people learn faster when they get to learn from audio-visual sources. The impacts of audio-visual projection of a particular subject have a greater impact on the human mind. This is the reason we remember the scenes of movies even if we watch it once or long ago. Similarly, when the students get the chance to learn through the audio-visual process, they can learn fast and memorise things easily.

Digital Classroom

Unlimited Scope for Learning New Things

From music to drawing and from animation to software programming; a digital classroom in school offers an unlimited scope of learning new things. They can learn, rectify their own mistakes. And compare their levels to the others and find out the right solutions easily.

Keeping all these great advantages in mind, most of the new schools are transforming their conventional classrooms into the digital ones. They want their students to become future-ready with the help of advanced technologies.

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Class I to IV Worksheets

Dear Parents 

We will soon be starting online classes for all the students. Meanwhile, please ask students to copy these worksheets in their copies or can print and attach. If they have any query teachers will take it up. 

Be safe and maintain social distance. 

Best Wishes 

Principal, PBAS

Class I-English Lang

Top Reasons To Choose A School In Kolkata With Good Infrastructure

Though there are numerous schools scattered all over South Kolkata, choosing the best among them is indeed a daunting task. Every parent wants to choose an educational institution where students are imparted knowledge. This does not necessarily mean that the infrastructure of the school isn’t important. You will be surprised to know that the condition of a school can have a direct impact on the student’s performance. Children feel motivated to go to school with good infrastructure.

School Infrastructure

Importance Of Location

If you are staying in South Kolkata and don’t want your kids to waste hours reaching or returning from school, start looking for the best school in South Kolkata. The location is a vital thing to consider. School location refers to the community in which the school is located. Those located in remote locations can lack qualified teachers. It will become easier for your children to concentrate on their studies if the school is situated away from the common sources of noises and pollution.

Importance Of Ambience

It is not only about the location but parents should also ensure that the atmosphere is suitable. Students can absorb the topics taught in the classroom if the atmosphere is soothing. Look for a spacious school with calm ambience, visually appealing landscape and advanced amenities. Few things you can expect in a good school are clean toilets, multipurpose rooms, storage spaces, libraries, playground, lockers, sinks and work areas. There should also be adequate teachers and people in the administration team.

Want A School With A Good Infrastructure? 3 Vital Elements To Consider

  • Building

Children love going to schools where the building is spacious and well-planned. Good ventilation is a must in every classroom. Few other facilities you can expect are benches, fans, backboard, lights and chairs theatre, school office, laboratories, art and crafts workshops and multimedia room, among others.


  • Classrooms

Classrooms are considered to be the backbone of a school’s infrastructure. The best school in Kolkata will have a sufficient number of classrooms with good decorations and paintings which can make those look pleasant. Blackboards should always be placed on the front wall. Built-in cupboards are an added advantage where teachers and students can keep their books.

  • Library

Libraries are an integral part of every child’s learning process. And so they play a vital role in the school’s infrastructure. As far as the location of the library is concerned, the place should be quiet and calm and the ambience soothing. This will make it easier for students to concentrate.

Since you now know why the infrastructure of a school is so important, it’s time you consider all the elements stated above and enrol your child in the best school.

Understand the Teenage Mind to Let Them Live Their Happy Dreams

The teenage mind is naïve. It is the weaning phase of life. The little child unfurls wings to take the first step towards a grown-up individual. This phase brings a lot of emotional turbulence in their lives beside the natural physical development.

They feel grown-up but cannot match up to the wisdom and practicality of mature individuals. They have many questions in mind, but answers are few. Thus, a gap is created between feelings and knowledge of reality. Behavioural changes do come in because the child’s mind finds it hard to adjust to the demands of growing up.

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Why A Teenage Mind Plays Tantrum?

Brain development and hormonal changes in the body are prime reasons that affect the mindset of a teenager. A teenager feels like a rudderless boat; he or she no more feels like a child; neither can feel like a complete adult.

The Role of a Role Model

An adolescent child needs the right guidance, right education and awareness of the social environment. As parents and teachers, we have a significant role to play in fine-tuning the adolescent minds. We need to be their friend, philosopher guide – cater to their academic and emotional needs. Our motto is to mould them into smart, disciplined, honest and responsible citizens of the country.

Discuss the Teenage Problems and Find Best Solution

Adolescent period genuinely gives rise to a troubled time. There is a fine line that separates childhood from adulthood. Their feelings play spoilsport to their happiness. Academic pressure creeps in and expects to fare well in exams takes a toll on mental peace of the child. Often, the drastic consequence is acute depression which breeds in morose thoughts of failure and frustration.

Unless you understand their troubled feelings, you can never help them out with the finest solution for feeling happy and peaceful. You can cope with their problems with our skillset:

  • As a parent, you need to keep a vigilant watch on the mood swings and emotional pattern of our child.
  • Any wrong behavioural signal should be redressed with parental counselling talks (and psychiatric helps in acute cases)
  • A teenager should never be pressurized with academic brilliance, whether at home or school
  • You should talk more with our child and allow them to speak up to you about their daily activities, likes and dislikes.
  • It would help if you stayed calm and well-tempered. Any domestic violence and rude behaviour from teachers can only breed angst and violence.
  • You should respect them as separate individuals because they are no more the tiny child you wish to control at your sweet whims.
  • Do not argue; instead, make your talk seem convincing and your ideas and suggestions worth following.
  • It would help if you taught them how to live life amidst problems and emotional disturbances.
  • It would help if you encouraged them to meet their optimum potential without the fear of unhealthy competition.

ICSE English Medium School

PB Academy School is one of the premier ICSE affiliated schools in Kolkata. The school aims for academic excellence and holistic development in all spheres of life. The school aims to nurture students into brighter, better, and happier human beings of tomorrow with strong intellectual ability and moral character.

Helping Your Children Get Back To School Is Now Easier

With April fast approaching, this is the right time you start preparing your children to send them back to school. Gone are those days when glitter pens, sparkly notebooks and chunky backpacks enhanced their interest. Nowadays, a new school year is almost a nightmare for the majority of children. It brings a feeling of stress and anxiety, irrespective of their age. If you want to minimise the level of tension and agitation when getting your student ready to go back to school, there are a few tips you can follow.

Primary Classes

4 Useful Tips To Help Your Children Get Back To School

  • Decide A Fixed Bedtime

Though kids go to bed late during summer, their bedtime should be fixed. It will become easier for them to adjust their sleeping schedule once their school starts. It is the responsibility of the parents to choose a school bedtime and start following it at least a week before their school starts. If you feel that a sudden change in their night will disrupt their sleeping pattern, work on it slowly. A sudden change in their bedtime might become a shock for them on their first day of school.

  • Make A Homework Routine

Children should know that they have to complete their homework on time before their school starts. Not only do you have to create a homework routine but also choose a silent electronic-free space where children can complete their assignments peacefully. They should also be given some time every day when they can indulge in academic activities like reading, writing or flashcards. This will make transition to real homework easier.

ICSE School

  • Choose A Place To Keep Their School Items

If you don’t want your house to become a mess once their school starts, make sure you choose a specific place where your children can keep their school items. This will prevent them from dropping their backpacks, shoes, lunchboxes and jackets at random places once they are back from school. They won’t also have to waste their time running and looking for the school items they need every morning.

  • Buy Some New Items

Just enrolling your child in the best school isn’t sufficient, there are a few things you have to buy before their new school year starts. Sort the old clothing and check which dress still fits. Few items you should definitely have in the wardrobe are socks, pants, t-shirts and shoes. Though buying a few new things won’t punch a hole in your pocket, they will help in reducing your child’s stress level. Donate the clothes which don’t fit instead of throwing them away.

These being said, it’s time you start following the tips stated above and helping your children get back to school will become easier.

A Brief Comparison between ICSE and CBSE Boards of Education

As the child sets his/her foot in the academic threshold, the dilemma of selecting the right board strikes the parents. It is indeed a confusing aspect for the parents to decide on the right educational board for their child. This helps them to choose the right career path going ahead. Making the right choice of the board is essential.  A large part of the early progress of a child’s aptitude and knowledge depends on the decision of the board.

The kind of exposure a child gets from studies is primarily based on the educational board opted for. There are two most recognized boards in the Indian education system. They are,

  • ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)
  • CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)

The boards are diverse and have differences, as well. Here is a brief comparison between them to help you understand, which will be a better option for your child. The comparison has been drawn based on the abilities, functionalities, and the standards maintained by both the boards.

english medium school near tollygunge

Exploring the Major Differences

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) conducts the ICSE Board. It is an offshoot of the Cambridge IGCSE. The system existed during the British era. Later on, it was taken over by the Anglo Indian Board. Right now it is governed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. The course curriculum is mainly taken from National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). It has the most detailed syllabus. This is the reason why ICSE and ISC are the two toughest examinations to appear for in Grade X and Grade XII respectively.

CBSE, on the other hand, is the board recognized by NCERT. It was started as an initiative to operate a network of the middle schools or the Kendriya Vidyalayas network. This was mainly to cater to the requirements of the government employees having transferable jobs to provide quality education to their wards. The board conducts two examinations,

  • All India Senior School Certificate Examination, AISSCE (Class XII).
  • All India Secondary School Examination, AISSE (Class X)

It is still one of the most preferred educational modules availed across the country.

Regular and Private Candidates:

A large number of schools across India are affiliated to CBSE board.  It allows both regular and private students from other schools not affiliated to the board to appear for the examination. ICSE board never allows anyone to take the examination unless he/she belongs to a school affiliated to ICSE.

Medium of Instruction:

The CBSE course is available in both Hindi and English as a medium of the instruction. ICSE, on the other hand, only recommends English as the medium of instruction.

Recognition of Board

CBSE has a better recognition by the Government of India while ICSE has gathered worldwide fame recognition as equivalent to senior examination in various foreign educational systems.


ICSE comprises a much detailed syllabus. It also has a balanced focus on language, arts, and science. The CBSE curriculum, on the other hand, has a slightly different approach. Most of its focus is towards science and math and their applications. That’s why CBSE course is much useful to qualify in various entrance exams to be eligible for engineering and medical studies.

Evaluation or Assessments

If the differences are explored in terms of assessment or evaluation, then the ICSE exam emphasizes more on practical tests, lab work, and internal evaluations than CBSE mode of study.