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Enrol Your Child in The Best Primary School to Improve Their Academic Skills

The employment market is ever-changing and finding your dream job with basic numeracy skills and literacy is a challenge. If you want to ensure the overall development of your child, make sure you choose the best English medium school in South Kolkata. They have experienced teachers whose primary focus is on improving the academic skills of your child.

The skills students learn during the early learning stage helps them to shine in their career. They can go to their secondary school with more confidence if their academic skills have improved. The basic skills help them even when they become older learners. They better they can manage their workloads, they can work more effectively and efficiently. You can develop their academic skills by engaging them in various classroom activities.


4 Academic Skills Every Primary Student Should Possess

1. Time Management

Though students are taught how to tell the time from an early age, it takes time for them to learn time management skills. Some of the students are fast finishers and feel that they are left behind if an activity takes longer than what they estimated. Overestimating the time can even make them give up before they start. A teacher at the primary level should let students plan and manage their time during an activity. The ability of each child differs and they work at a different pace. Explain the various stages of an activity to them and let them allocate time for each part.

2. Prioritization

Task analysis or learning how to prioritize is necessary if you want a primary student to understand how they must do a task to get a good grade. Teachers should make a list of all the objectives they are planning to achieve in a week and hand it over to the students. Ask them to prioritize the activities. Divide the students according to how they are prioritizing the tasks and form groups. If a student is incapable of reaching the objectives by the end of the week, teach them how to re-prioritize. Keep on adding more tasks every week so that students learn how to act when priorities change.

3. Collaborate Learning

Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School is one of the few schools in South Kolkata who pays high importance to collaborative learning and working. They are essential to improve the academic and life skills of a primary student. They should understand that they can achieve a complicated task easily if they cooperate with others. Teamwork is one of the skills they will require even after they become a working professional. Assign a group project where all the students have to work together. The students should plan together at lunchtime and all the team members should be accountable to each other.

4. Analytical Skills

Make sure you choose the best primary school in South Kolkata if you want the teachers to lay the right foundation for your child’s academic skills. Primary students should learn how to research and develop their analytical skills. Every research work involves various steps and the students should remember them. The objective is to make the activity less challenging. The better they are at gathering data and creating reports, they can handle detailed and complex work with ease.

Since you are now aware of all the academic skills a primary student should possess, it’s time you start looking for the best primary school in your city.

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All You Need To Know About The New Education Policy

The New Education Policy was released on 30th July, 2020 and was approved by the cabinet. The moto of the new policy was to ‘educate, encourage and enlighten’. It is the first education policy released in India. Under the new policy, numerous changes were made in the education system, starting from the school to college level. The Ministry of Human Resource Development has been renamed as the Ministry of Education. PrakashJavadekar (Union Information and Broadcasting Minister) hopes that the policy will be welcomed and accepted by all.

Key Highlights Of The New Education Policy

1. HRD ministry is aiming to increase the gross enrolment ratio to around 50% within 2035. The education system will be both holistic and multidisciplinary and allow flexibility of subjects.

2. If a student wants to leave a course in the middle, there will be numerous entry and exit points to ease the process. The Academic Bank of Credits will transfer the credits.

3. There will be no M.Phil. programmes. The base of all the courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level will be more than one branch of knowledge.

4. As far as disadvantaged regions are concerned, special education zones will be set up and knowledge imparted online through a National Education Technology Forum.

5. E-content or online study material will not only be available in English and Hindi but also in 8 regional languages, including Odia, Kannada and Bengali.

6. Children between the age group 3 to 18 years have to follow the new 5+3+3+4 format instead of the previous 10+2 structure. Students don’t have to choose from the rigid streams of arts, commerce and science. They can choose any course they want.

7. Students can take up coding from class 6. It will be a part of the school curricula in a bid to impart 21st-century skills.

8. NCERT will develop a National Curricular and Pedagogical Framework for Early Childhood Care and Education (NCPFECCE) for children till class 8.

9. Board exams are expected to undergo huge changes with a focus on reducing the stress associated with these exams. The exam will be conducted twice every year in two parts, they are objective and descriptive.

10. Children will get to know the marks they have obtained in each subject through a 360-degree holistic report card. They will also be informed about their skills and other vital points. Both teachers and students will review the report card.

11. National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct common entrance exams twice every year for all higher education institutes. The exam will be optional and not mandatory.

12. There are more than 45000 affiliated colleges in India. Colleges will get undergraded autonomy, academic, administrative, and financial autonomy according to the status of their accreditation.

13. MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development) will set up a national mission on Foundational Literacy and Numeracy.

Choose The Right School

Since your knowledge about the New Education Policy has enhanced, it’s time you start looking for the best English medium school in South Kolkata. In some schools, coding is compulsory from class 6 onwards, robotics is started from an early age like class 1 and stem skills vocational training from class 6. There are various clubs to inculcate these skills from the beginning. Equal importance is paid to gardening, social service, handicrafts, pottery and other extra-curricular activities. Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School is one of the few schools in South Kolkata whom you can trust for your child’s education. Their teachers and students have already started adapting to the new education policy.

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A Glance on the National Education Policy 2020

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all – Aristotle.

The new National Education Policy approved by the Union Cabinet is set to bring about significant reforms in the entire education system in the country. Replacing the last NEP that was framed in 1986 and revised in 1992, the new policy has been long-awaited by students and educational institutions alike. The policy is considerably similar to the educational structures followed in the U. S. and U. K. with a versatile approach to education as a whole.

Key Highlights of the National Education Policy 2020

1. Change in structure

Instead of a 10 + 2 model of education, the new NEP sets a new structure of 5+3+3+4 which corresponds to 4 stages of education—namely, Primary Stage which includes pre-school and grades 1-2 for ages 3-5 years. The Preparatory Stage will consist of grades 3-5 for ages 8-11 years. The Middle Stage will be comprised of grades 6-8 for ages 11-14 years, and the final stage of the Secondary stage will make upgrades 9-10 and 11-12 for ages 14-18 years.

2. Reduction in Curriculum with a focus on essential learning and critical thinking

One of the most critical reforms proposed by the new policy is to implement immersive discussion and inquiry-based learning that will encourage children to use analytical tools to gain knowledge while discouraging the practice of rote-learning

3. Easier Board Examinations

In an attempt to ease the torment, the system of Board examinations on students, the new policy recommends formative assessments over one-time summative evaluations which will help test the practical applications of theory. It also promotes structured Board Examinations with a reduced study load.

4. Tracking progress at regular intervals

Schools will conduct standardized assessments at the end of every key-stage, i.e. after classes 3, 5 and 8 instead of just two examinations after classes 10 and 12 to enable regular monitoring of progress made by students throughout school life, rather than on completion.

5. Vocational Training

In the Middle Stage, students will be required to take up a vocational course. They will also be afforded greater flexibility in choosing subjects they study in the Secondary Stage.

The Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School (PBAS) is a school in South Kolkata with a holistic approach to education. It has swiftly become a forerunner in implementing the latest educational tools since its inception in 2001. They have already been following several of the recommendations of the NEP 2020 by offering numerous vocational classes such as gardening and pottery along with teaching STEM skills. They have also implemented mandatory coding classes from Class VI onwards besides Robotics training from as early as Class 1. Thus, the journey for PBAS to be the best school in South Kolkata has reached yet another level. They are indeed the #schoolthatcares.

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Want To Choose The Best Montessori School? 4 Things To Look For

Since one’s love for learning starts from a very young age, choosing the best montessori school for your kid is more important than you think. Not only will it help in their social development but they will also start appreciating the environment. Look for a school where experienced teachers will help your child prepare for a future full of academic achievements. The teachers should be caring and try to create a nurturing space where children can explore the world and learn through appreciation. In some schools, parents need to pay only one-time admission fee as children can study in the same school from Montessori to Class XII. Children’s education is secured until class Class XII so parents don’t have to worry about searching for a school after Montessori.

Few More Signs Of A Good Montessori School In Kolkata Have Been Stated Below

1. Attractive Environment

It might become a daunting task for you to send your child to school unless the classrooms have an attractive environment. Even if your focus is on helping them gain knowledge, a creative environment will keep them more engaged in their studies and they will love spending more time in their school. There should be open and wide spaces where children can move freely. The hardwood floors should be both clean and comfortable.

2. Skilled And Caring Teachers

Though every montessori school will claim to have the best teachers, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are skilled, caring and certified. Feel free to checkout the qualification of the staff before you start with the admission procedure. A good teacher is someone who completes the classroom. They should know how to create a space where children will learn and grow.

3. Pay Importance To Social Skills

The school is one of the few places where a child gets the opportunity to develop his social skills. The best montessori school in Kolkata will always encourage its students to practice consideration, kindness and generosity. Development of social skills is considered to be as important as the development of emotional intelligence.

4. Encourage Discovery

Children learn through discovery and a good montessori school should always encourage its students to notice and find pleasure in the little things they come across everyday. The academic programs should include numerous fun educational opportunities and hands-on activities. Children feel happier when they discover and learn new things.

Since you are now aware of the signs of a good montessori school, it’s time you start looking for one in Kolkata like Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic school.

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3 Reasons To Enrol In An English Medium School In South Kolkata

The importance of education in one’s life can never be neglected. Schools’ help in building their confidence and teach them the importance of teamwork. It creates a network of friends and a like-minded community. A school environment offers students the opportunity to study and work with their peers. Though there are numerous schools scattered all over South Kolkata, one of the most challenging tasks for parents is to choose a school with their desired medium of instruction. You can either choose a regional language like Bengali or English or admit your child in a reputed English Medium School like Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School.

Why Enrol Your Child In An English Medium School In South Kolkata


1. English Is A Universal Language

Knowing English has almost become mandatory nowadays as it is a universal language. It is not just the language of business and conversation but even computers and science. It is the language the world is speaking and it might become a hindrance in the future is one lacks fluency in English.

2. Become Comfortable With The Language

The earlier your child will be introduced to the language, he will feel comfortable with it. According to scientific facts, our linguistic abilities deteriorate with age. This means that our ability to pick up new languages is more when we are young. Once a child feels comfortable with a language, he can pick it up early. If your motive is to introduce your child to English sooner, start looking for a reputed English medium school for your child.

3. Don’t Have To Worry About Mistakes

Children are less conscious of themselves and are not afraid of committing mistakes. Since English is not their mother tongue, start teaching them early on. They will try and experiment with the language without worrying about failure or mistakes. They won’t even mind if their teachers or parents correct them when they make an error. Stakes are higher when one grows old. It is one of the primary reasons why working professionals are afraid of practising something new at their workplace.

Ready To Enrol?

Since you now know why English is so vital for one’s future, it’s time you start looking for a reputed English medium school. Their teachers should allow the children to learn at their own pace. It is their responsibility to prepare and guide every child in the school towards a fulfilling life.

Online Education in Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School

What are the Benefits of Online Education?

There is no point in arguing all the drawbacks that comes with the traditional educational system. Paying thousands of bucks to get admission in prestigious institutions can get tedious at times. Nonetheless, the busy classrooms, shortage of courses, and all the elements that pose a hindrance in acquiring real education should be taken into account as well. The sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of the right reasons why one should consider admission for online education in Kolkata

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Benefits of Online Education in Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School

1)     Flexibility

One of the most significant advantages of online learning is the flexibility and versatility that it brings on the table. No longer students have to think twice about following a fixed schedule. One would find that the majority who opt for online education, have other commitments at the same time. So, this particular model of learning helps them to delegate their time frame, over other aspects as well. 

2)     Lower Education Cost

Online education brings down the overall cost of education significantly. Further, one doesn’t have to think twice about the costs of commute and transportation. If someone wants to acquire a new skill set, they can learn the same from the comfort of their home.

3)     Scope of Networking

When it comes to online education, you are no longer constrained to a limited group of peers. Chances are you can find your peers across different countries. This, in turn, provides you with the right opportunity to build a better network. Since you are being exposed to different cultures, you get the leverage to fit in every other environment. These are some of the subtle differences that make online education superior to others. 

4)     Proper Documentation

Whatever you need, all are safely stored in the cloud. This helps to have easier access to education. Within the database, you have everything you need starting from course materials, to your past projects. This sense of organisation helps in properly curating knowledge for everyone. At the same time, it is also beneficial for everyone whenever research-based projects are concerned. When it comes to clearing your doubts, your teacher is just a call away.

It is imperative to understand that online classes also come with their own set of hidden perks. But at the same time, one can acquire solid education at the comfort of their homes. Nevertheless, the entire courseware, more or less, remains the same. Students can still complete their knowledge with the proper examination, quizzes and even projects. So, with the entire world shifting towards skill-based education, online education in Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School will always have the upper hand.

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How to Talk to Your Child About Difficult Situations

In this world, there is hardly any subject that the kids should not be aware of. From killing to rape, from terrorism to mental anxiety and from divorce to financial instability – they are the victim of everything. Sometimes, directly and sometimes indirectly, they need to face these ugly situations in their lives, and you are the only one who should be there with them in all these tough situations.

Talking about such difficult topics or subjects with the kids may make you embarrass or helpless. You do not know where to start or how to make your kid prepared about all these difficult topics. Sometimes, they ask direct questions, and sometimes you need to let them know what is happening and why it is so. This blog may help you to some extent.

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Tips for Parents to Start a Discussion over Difficult Topics with Kids

1. Start the conversation. Stop waiting for that “right moment” to come because the right moment is a myth and it will not come until you make the moment right for talking. Use simple words instead of the difficult ones.

2.  Always maintain a healthy relationship with your kids from the beginning so that they can come to you and ask questions about anything and everything.

3. If their questions make you feel embarrassed, do not feel bad or guilty. It is normal! Think about what you would like to hear from your parents as a kid in such a condition. Tell your kids that you really do not know how to give the right answer to this question, but you will try.

4. Never lie about difficult situations to your kids. While someone is dying or is already dead; never say they are gone for a vacation, and soon they will come back. This false hope can become the cause of the deep depression of your child because eventually, they will realise one day that you have lied.

5. Ask questions to your child if you ever see them behaving not in a “normal way” as they do on other days. Ask them if they are angry or feeling humiliated? Try to identify their emotion and talk about it directly with them.

6. Do not hide your emotions while talking about a difficult situation for your kids. Let them see you being sad, afraid of something or getting tensed. It is okay to be emotional in front of the kids but never does anything extreme. This can scare them, and they will find it more difficult than it actually is.

At PB Academy, we take special care of the emotional and mental growth of every student, along with their academic development. For the admission details and other queries, you can give us a call.

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How Technology Is Integrated Into the Teaching Curriculum

With the advent of modern technologies, it has touched all the sectors of our lives. Education is not an exception in this case. The changing face of the teaching curriculum in India is a great example of how technology is integrated into it. 

The incorporation of modern technologies into today’s education system can be highly felt during the pandemic lockdown phase. Teachers are taking online classes with the help of various video calling apps. On the other hand, students are gaining knowledge through different types of learning apps.

What is Technology Integration in Education

This process is defined as the use of advanced technology to support and enhance the current educational environment in a country. The incorporation or integration of technologies in a classroom helps the teachers to teach the students more promptly than before. The students also get the chance to complete their lessons and assignments on the computer instead of using pen and paper.

How Can Technology Enhance Learning and Teaching

With the help of technology integration, students can get the support of their teachers anytime they want; even outside the typical classroom hours. If a student needs more time to practice or understand a certain chapter, then the modern teaching apps allow him or her to do so. On the other hand, students who do not need such an elaborate session can go ahead with their next classes.

The teachers feel free to provide their support to the students who need it the most instead of spending all their energies and efforts for the entire class.

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How Technology Should Be Integrated into Modern Day Teaching Curriculum

The aim of technology integration in education or teaching curriculum is allowing students to apply technology responsibly while learning new things and enjoy the benefits. They should acquire, apply, demonstrate and communicate information through technology. They should be aware of the smartest techniques of learning. 

Using a digital platform to introduce the latest chapters and lessons to the students

  • Applying 3D technologies to make complex things easier for them
  • Allow them to interact and share through technologies
  • Encouraging their creativity and imaginative powers
  • Building up the ability to think rationally over a certain topic
  • Helping them in the advanced calculation and analyzing mathematical data
  • Offering the most relevant study aids to accumulate research and information

Benefits of Integrating Technology in Teaching Curriculum

  1. Fastest learning
  2. Easy to understand the method
  3. Access to best study materials
  4. Build teamwork environment
  5. Get information about the outside world

In this present lockdown situation, all the schools in India are offering online classes to their students. The teachers are taking classes online through various apps where the students can communicate, interact and share.

PB Academy is a renowned school in Kolkata. This is a co-education school. We are presently available for online classes due to COVID 19 lockdown. Our teachers are using the best online platforms to take classes of the students in a regular manner.

Please get in touch with us for more details.

How Parents Can Teach Kids about Cyber Security

Being a parent, you are always concern about the safety and security of your child. Whether it is the real-life or the virtual life – you need to ensure that your kids are secure. As a parent, you should know how to teach your kids about cybersecurity.

Students in computer class

As per the data, children are using the internet more than adults. Be it for gaming, entertainment or learning – children are using the internet more than before. The cyber-world is not a very safe place for users. Your child must also know how to stay safe while being online for gaming, learning or their entertainment.

There can be different types of frauds and forgeries done with your child through the internet if you do not put enough attention to your child’s online activities. You should teach your kids about CyberSecurity correctly so that they can understand the threats and keep themselves safe from the same.

Simple Tips for Teaching CyberSecurity

  • Talk to Them

Don’t presume the smartness or intelligence of your kids just by their age group. In today’s life, kids are smarter than you think. Hence, don’t assume that they are not ready to understand the matter of cybersecurity. Talk to them about the subject and make them aware of the issue in a style which they can understand easily.

  • The Power of Unique Password

Make your kids understand the power of having a unique password for different accounts instead of having one “master password”. Explain how the hackers can easily hack their accounts when they use a single password for every account. You can give the example of using different locks for different doors instead of using one single lock in your house.

  • Protects Personal Information

Remind your child that the cyber world is just like the real world, if not more dangerous. Here you do not know the real identity of the people. Hence, you should not disclose all your personal information to them. Teach your kids to protect their data and integrity while using the internet to avoid frauds. Let them understand the “online strangers” and ask them to stay away from them too.

  • Use Secure wifi For CyberSecurity

Teach your child about maintaining the security of the wifi connection of your home. Teach them not to share the password of your wifi to anyone outside the family. Using secure wifi networks helps your child to use the internet safely.

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  • Keep the Computer Safe

Use anti-virus in your computer to keep the device safe from any kind of unwanted virus attack. Let your kids understand the importance of using anti-virus on the computer. Tell them that it is necessary to stop using the sites that are not secured to maintain the security of the machine.

PB Academy is a renowned co-education school in Kolkata. We are offering online classes during the lockdown period safely and securely. Please get in touch with us to know the details about our online courses.

4 Benefits Of Taking Online Classes Amid The Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis

The deadly COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the entire globe. The fatal disease has brought world economies to a standstill and forced people to confine themselves in their homes for the foreseeable future. The ongoing crisis has hurt the students as schools and colleges have been shut down. Academic years have been halted, and it is still unclear when things will be returning to normal. With traditional educational institutes closed worldwide to implement social distancing measures, online classes have emerged as the hero.

Online Classes

More and more students are signing up for e-classes to continue their process of learning in these difficult times. Most of the schools across the country are also offering online classes to help the students keep up to their daily study schedules so that afterwards to do not find any difficulty to cope up with the curriculum due to shortage of time.

Here Are Four Significant Benefits Of Online Classes In The Extraordinary Conditions Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

 Adherence To Social Distancing

The first and foremost benefit of online classes is that you can abide by social distancing measures. By interacting with teachers and your peers via the internet, you can attend lectures while staying at home. Social distancing has been mandated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the primary measure for defeating COVID-19. Online classes prevent any roadblock to your natural learning process while keeping you and the society safe.

 Less Pressure On Parents Working From Home

Currently, a large number of parents are working from home for their organisations. Work-from-home is often accompanied by unlikely work hours and long video conferences. Hence, it can be difficult for parents to devote enough time and attention to their children’s education. In such a situation, online classes can act as a boon. Explanatory video classes can keep students engaged and help them imbibe knowledge with minimal assistance.

Easy Accessibility At All Times In Online Classes

Self-isolation can be mentally strenuous, especially for the young. Online classes can act as the perfect antidote to boredom and lack of activity. To access online courses at any time of the day, all you need is a necessary internet connection and any electronic gadget such as a:

  • Smartphone
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Personal Computer (PC)


The time constraints of traditional educational institutes do not apply to online classes. Hence, students can make optimal use of self-paced and accessible learning.

 Availability Of Numerous Free Online Classes

The internet is a treasure trove of knowledge. Currently, most schools are encouraging their students to take up their educational courses available online. Since the COVID-19 crisis has led to lockdowns worldwide, parents can still look after the education of their young ones by enrolling them to the quality online course offered by their respective institutions.