various Houses

Netaji House (or Red House), Mother Teresa House (or Blue House), Gandhi House (or Yellow House ), Tagore House (or Green House)

Netaji House (or Red House)

The Red House stands as a symbol of love, courage, sacrifice, victory and honour. It is also called the “Netaji” House, the name being apt because the students always showcase their “never-say-die-spirit” and try to emerge victorious in various fields. The colour “Red” also stands for unity and the students always stand strong and united with each other. We promise to work enthusiastically and reach new milestones every year.

Mother Teresa House (or Blue House)

Our Blue House, or Mother Teresa House believes in ‘service before self’. Much influenced by Mother Teresa’s principles, our house strives to bring about discipline, cleanliness and an attitude of kindness and generosity, not just in the school but also in the society.

Gandhi House (or Yellow House)

Yellow is the mother of hope, positive thoughts and vibrance. The other name of Yellow House is Gandhi House. We are privileged to be under the banner of Mahatma Gandhi – the father of our Nation. He believed and followed the path of Satya and Ahimsa. Our motto is ‘Believe in self and work hard’. We really believe that if we are determined to do something we can do it.

Tagore House (or Green House)

The Tagore House sports the colour green with the outlook of ‘Nurture the nature’. Tagore was a nature lover and the colour of the nature is also green. Tagore House also symbolizes loving and balancing nature. Following Tagore’s footsteps the students of Green House serve their duty towards nature and strive to keep it clean.
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