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How Have Digital Learning Tools been a Boon in the ICSE Curriculum?

Education has evolved by leaps and bounds, and from traditional bookish knowledge, students are now embracing technological tools as a source of learning. This is especially evident in the ICSE schools of Kolkata.

Enrol your child in the best ICSE school in Kolkata and help them learn with the help of smart classroom tools like smart boards, cutting-edge displays, Google slides, 3D learning videos and animated tutorials.

By using these technological tools, most of the ICSE schools of Kolkata have made education more accessible and inclusive for the students. With the rise of e-learning platforms, every detail of the child, along with relevant study material, can now be accessed by the student anytime without physically visiting the school.

Here are a few undeniable benefits of digital learning tools in the ICSE curriculum.

What are The Benefits of Digital Learning Tools?

1. E-books and online materials
E-books form a crucial part of the ICSE curriculum. They are affordable compared to the physical textbooks and are interactive, interesting and compatible with all devices.

Moreover, this is a boon for the small kids as they do not have to carry heavy books to school daily. They are accessible anywhere and hence are a convenient study option.

2. Virtual field trips
Students of the science and history fields are often required to participate in field trips to gain insight and knowledge. However, the introduction of virtual field trips has subsided the need for physical visits.

They can take a virtual trip from the comforts of their home or classroom and widen the horizon of their knowledge.

3. AI system for student assessment
ICSE schools have recently introduced the AI assessment system within their curriculum, a tech-driven system that analyses the individual performance of every student. This system also prepares the probable solutions to help the student overcome the weak points. They also create a personalised learning approach to ensure all students are on par.

4. Digital classrooms
Enrolling your child in the best ICSE schools will give them the ultimate learning experience in a digital classroom. Instead of the traditional black or white board, portable interactive virtual whiteboards are used to teach the students in these classrooms.

The teachers use multimedia learning modules and images to make the learning process interesting. This piques the children’s interest and develops their concepts from the beginning.

Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School is a pioneer in embracing and integrating digital learning tools into the education system. Along with the best faculty and quality education, we provide modern classrooms for our students.

Check our facilities and enrol your child now for a better future.

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Why is It Important to Include a Second Language in the Curriculum?

Languages are the most common and effective form of communication. Including English as a second language in the curriculum has been a trend for a long time. It helps the students develop their multilingual skills and acquaint them with English, a widely accepted language. On average, more than 1 billion people globally communicate in English. Hence, the best primary schools in South Kolkata introduce the same as a second language so that students start learning the same from the beginning and at an early age.

What is the Importance of a Second Language?

A second language is included in the curriculum over and above the native language or the mother tongue of the student. Generally, in most ICSE schools, there are two native languages that students opt for – Bengali or Hindi.

English is considered an international language and is included as a second language in the curriculum. The importance of knowing another language along with the native language makes the student comfortable in the global corporate world. Bilingual children are culturally aware of their surroundings as well.

Why is it Essential To Know more Than One Language?

1. Improves confidence and develops the brain
Incorporating a second language at the initial stage of schooling helps in brain development and enhances the students’ cognitive abilities. When they start learning a foreign language from the beginning of their educational tenure, they can grasp the language and the terms faster. During the early years, individuals have high concentration power and good memory skills and can quickly recognise words and phrases.

2. It helps in getting multilingualism
According to scientists, when an individual starts learning a second language, the right valve of the brain gets activated. This part of the brain supports the understanding and meaning of the language. Hence, starting early means children develop the right side of the brain, which helps them become multilingual.

3. Opens a global spectrum of opportunities
Learning English as a second language opens a broad spectrum of global opportunities for students in terms of communication. The majority of MNCs prefer hiring candidates with a good grasp of the English language. Hence, the candidates get better exposure to global opportunities.

Are you looking for the best primary school in South Kolkata? Enrol your child in Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School. We’ve been a symbol of excellence in providing education for over 22 years. Our mission is to provide quality education and foster all-round development in every student.

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Simplifying Science in High School: The Approach of the Best ICSE School

Students at the age of 14-19 usually brace up for higher education. Those oriented in science or the scientific background usually decide to pursue engineering or science degrees. Hence, it is pivotal that at this point in their career, they have a solid grasp of the subjects and basics. Here, we will take a walkthrough of how the best ICSE School in Kolkata would simplify sciences for its pupils.

Three Tips for Simplifying The Sciences

1. Hands-on training
Science is all about the material world. And most of the science basics can be demonstrated in a laboratory setting. This is why teaching science through a practical know-how approach is important. Schools should have good infrastructure when it comes to labs. You can explain most of the natural phenomena in the laboratory setting, whether it is the value of gravitational co-efficient or magnetic field lines.

It is necessary to engage students in more immersive science activities by addressing their hobbies. For instance, a student who is interested in photography may show equal interest in optics, microscopes and so on. Someone interested in flora and fauna can display a keen interest in biological sciences, and they can also consider it as a possible career choice. Career counselling should also be conducted.

In the threshold of higher studies, most chemistry lessons can’t be demonstrated without a well-equipped lab. Hence, hands-on training is the first line of approach to simplify science.

2. Put extra emphasis on math and logic
Math and logic are the core of all-natural sciences. Every scientific phenomenon requires the support of logic and math to explain its unfolding. Hence, your students should be initiated well into these disciplines. A lot of students tend to have crippling math phobia. As a teacher, you need to encourage them to step out of this phobic bubble. Lead them into recreational mathematics, where you can explain the complex concepts of math by juggling simple tropes.

3. Embrace a multidisciplinary approach
Though a multidisciplinary approach is an element of much higher studies, sometimes you need to take up this method to encourage students to learn the sciences. There is a group of students who find science boring. They might display an interest in other disciplines like arts, songs, and lyrics. You can present your science lesson to them in the form of song lyrics or small limericks. This way, the lessons will stick to their mind.

Moreover, nourishing an investigative spirit in the minds of the pupils is also important. Make them feel like science detectives hunting for patterns and clues in nature. This way, the science subjects may become relatable to the students.

The best ICSE school in Kolkata would follow all these tips and some more to make science relevant, entertaining and magical to the young pupils.

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Grading System in Best ICSE Schools – A Boon For the Young Minds

Examination and evaluation have always created a pressurised situation in the minds of many students for an eternity. However, a student should concentrate more on developing a hold over the concepts rather than concentrating on the rat race of getting more marks. That’s where the grading system of the ICSE schools acts as a boon for the students. Get your child enrolled into the best ICSE school in Kolkata and get holistic educational benefits for your child.

What is the ICSE grading system?

This system is designed to assess the academic ability and not judge the IQ level of the student. The system is designed to give every student an objective measure to help them assess their performance. The best part about the ICSE grading system is that it produces grades based on the academic as well as the co-curricular activities of the student.

Hence, a student can show creativity in other aspects besides theoretical papers, like practical examinations. Depending on the subject, a time limit is set, and based on practical examinations, internal performance and external examinations, the overall marks of the paper are calculated.

Why is the ICSE grading system a boon for students?

This system makes the student confident about their overall academic success. The following reasons sum up the benefits of this grading system.

1. Holistic evaluation method
The ICSE grading system motivates students to focus not only on the academic parts but also on the non-academic aspects. The school encourages the students to get involved in social work. Community activities and creative projects throughout the academic sessions. The grades are calculated based on the overall evaluation. Thus, the student’s true potential is projected with the help of this grading method.

2. Comprehensive representation of academics
The grade is a true representation of the academic and non-academic abilities of the student from the very beginning of their student life to 10th standard. Even in the report card, separate divisions are made about the same to understand the different aspects of the student’s personality development.

3. Less competition and less pressure
Compared to the numbers and percentage marking system, the extent of competition in gradation is low. Peer pressure, family pressure, and the thirst for getting better marks than others cause students to get into a race. The application-based learning process needs to be improved in this situation. Hence, grades are a boon for the students. It helps them stay in the mid-range and under low-pressure levels.

Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School, one of the best ICSE schools in Kolkata, follows the gradation system of evaluating students. We are committed to creating the country’s future leaders and providing the best infrastructure and technology in all fields of study and knowledge. To check our admission process, visit our website.

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Modern Learning Approach – How Best ICSE Schools Are Grooming Students?

Education is an ever-changing field; hence, there must be an age to start and stop the learning process. With societal transformation, business and culture, schools also adapt and change curricula. Nowadays, education is not merely limited to books and examinations. Students must look beyond the books and use rationality to make a mark for themselves in the global scenario.

THE best ICSE schools in Kolkata focus on developing a holistic curriculum for the overall development of the students and shedding off the traditional teaching and learning patterns. ICSE schools have stepped into a new world of education.

Here’s how the modern learning approach has been helping students stand out in the global competition.

Modern Learning Approach for Holistic Brain Development

1. Personalised student-based learning
Nowadays, most ICSE schools focus on integrating individual learning plans customised as per the needs of the students. The one-size-fits-all approach has taken a backseat now. Adopting a student-centric approach and mentorship programs in the school makes the education process interactive, and every student can learn extensively. This is an effective learning method to ensure all students are included. As all students of the same class might have different mental development, they are groomed with the help of a mentorship program and personal care is given to developing their learning methods.

2. Emphasis on character build-up
Education is more than books and studies nowadays. The schools strongly emphasise instilling core values, morals, and ethics into the students, focusing on their behavioural and character development. Along with studies, different personality development programmes are also being introduced into the higher classes. Students are encouraged to showcase their artistic and expressive styles in literature, visual art, and sports.

3. Importance of sports and physical education
Keeping the saying in mind, “All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy”, ICSE schools in Kolkata focus on introducing sports, extracurricular activities and physical wellness programs besides the curriculum. Best English medium schools in Kolkata have state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor games facilities. Physical wellness and emotional intelligence build-up processes have also been added to the education system.

Do you want a holistic development for your child? Then, they will be enrolled in Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School, one of the best ICSE schools in Kolkata. We have an excellent infrastructure with state-of-the-art laboratories and sports grounds. We nurture the students with education and extracurricular activities to make them progressive leaders of tomorrow.

Check our website for admission details.

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How The Best ICSE Schools in Kolkata Can Help With Elementary Education?

Finding the best schooling for every parent is the toughest decision for their child. The education system of Kolkata is controlled by three boards: State Board, ICSE and CBSE or Central Board. As the phrase goes, “morning shows the day.” Every child’s elementary education must be prioritised to ensure their foundation is strong and they can become bright in their respective fields.

Among the different boards, getting your child admitted to the ICSE board introduces them to a progressive way of education. ICSE, or Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, is among the three boards widely recognised in India and internationally.

So, children admitted to KG for elementary education can get advanced curriculums from the best ICSE schools in Kolkata.

Why is ICSE a good board for elementary education?

1. Opportunity to explore the complete potential of children
ICSE board-affiliated schools generally follow an in-depth study method. From the elementary education level, ICSE boards provide a rare combination of global curriculum combined with the Indian curriculum to help children explore the global academic content from an early age. Moreover, the teaching methods of ICSE board schools are different compared to other boards. They make the children explore every aspect of academic and non-academic parts.

2. Boosts the cognitive skills of children from an early age
In most cases, the teaching pattern of ICSE board schools is focused on boosting the children’s cognitive skills. Most assessment patterns include practising observation skills, problem-solving methods, decision-making capabilities and creative thinking skills. These schools use fairy tale stories, flashcards and finger painting to improve the children’s cognitive skills from a very early age.

3. Updated curriculum for upgrading children’s knowledge
The best part about enrolling your child into ICSE board schools for elementary education is that the schools affiliated with this board do not stick to a traditional syllabus and curriculum. Rather, the schools follow an updated curriculum every year. From general awareness to phonic sounds – the ICSE board syllabus follows the international way of teaching students.

4. Offers a strong foundation for all subjects
Primary education under elementary schooling is the first step toward knowledge gain. If there’s a dearth of the same, the child might suffer from a lack of knowledge in the higher classes. The unique educational pattern will generate curiosity in young minds and help them to become independent and confident from an early age.

Are you looking for the best ICSE schools in Kolkata? Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School should be your first choice. We have been a symbol of excellence in ICSE education for the last 21 years. Admission forms for the 2024-2025 PN to Class IX are available from August.

Contact the school authorities and enrol your child for a better future.

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Tiny Scholars montessori school

Why Early-Age Preschool Admission is a Boon for Your Child?

In India, the permitted age of child admission to preschool starts from 1.5 years. However, for the overprotective parents, the thought of sending the apple of their eye to a school seems to give them a nervous breakdown. From being fitted snugly into the comfortable arms of parents to spending alone time in a class is a life-changing event for toddlers of 1.5 years.

So, what is the right age for kindergarten admission? This is an ongoing debate. Before stepping into the web of education, a preschool prepares your child to become confident and make them acquainted with the basic pattern of a school.

Hence, early admission to preschools is a necessity for every child. With this positivity in mind, PBAS introduced the Tiny Scholars Montessori, a preschool initiative for little ones born in 2021. So, if you have a toddler of 1.5 years or more, contact PB Academy. Admissions are open for the academic year 2024-2025.

What is the right age for preschool admission?

Every human is different in nature, behaviour, readiness and learning ability. However, research shows that a human child’s brain is ready to intake knowledge and instructions from the age of 1.5 years.

If you wait for 3 years, your child might have developed a few habits that will make you think you should have started preschool earlier. Preschools are designed keeping the needs of the toddlers in mind. So, they will be guided throughout the session with utmost care and love.

Why is early preschooling a good option?

1. To manage separation anxiety
Preschool is the first place your child will stay away from you. Instead of giving them a surprise when they have grown up, by introducing them to preschool at an early age, you will help them manage their separation anxiety. Teachers in preschools are trained to handle cranky and crying children. They will learn to stay away from home and parents easily.

2. To get potty training
Preschools are the best place where your child will get proper potty training. It isn’t easy to make a 1.5-year-old understand that they must inform the caregiver when they need to go to the bathroom. However, a preschool will teach the same.

3. To develop numeracy and literacy skills
Preschools do not put pressure on the syllabus; they concentrate more on holistic development by teaching numeracy and literacy skills to the child. While playing, they will learn to count and identify numbers, alphabets, objects and colours. Thus, the child’s basic motor skills will start developing from an early age.

4. To learn communication
Toddlers need to start communicating in sign language from an early age. This is the first step towards mental development. A 1.5-year-old will not be able to express in words, but preschool sessions will teach them to express their basic needs like thirst, hunger, toilet needs and demands through sign language.

5. To learn to follow instructions
If you admit your child to a preschool at an easy age, you can expect them to learn to follow the basic instructions. They will learn instructions like “sit down”, “stand up”, “move”, “come here”, “close the door”, and “take out the book” from an early age.

Take the initiative and enrol your child in the Tiny Scholars Program, an initiative by Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School. Our admissions are going on. Enrol them now for a successful lifelong educational journey.

Check our website for more information.

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LKG Admission For Your Child – Choose The Right Age for Admission

Putting a child in school at the right age is a mandate as this helps nurture their brains. Generally, most of the reputed schools in Kolkata have set a limit of 3.5 years or more for LKG sessions. Before that, you can enrol your child into nursery or kindergarten sessions where children from 2 years or more are eligible. Early education is essential as it makes the child aware of different streams of knowledge.

Going to school from an early age makes the toddler social, helps develop communication skills and fosters early brain development. However, many parents are still determining the age they should choose for their child’s admission.

When is The Right Time For LKG Admission?

LKG, or lower kindergarten, is the step that comes after kindergarten. This is the phase from which the parents should start planning for their child’s education. From a minimum age of 3.5 years, a child can be admitted into the LKG session. Here, fundamentals like identification of colours, numbers, fruits, and vegetables are taught in the first phase. Moreover, in LKG sessions, the children can learn motor skills, manners and social communication skills.

Since the children start staying away from their parents, they learn to become independent early on.

Signs That Show Your Child is Ready for LKG Admission

Is your child unable to express? Are they unable to understand the basic instructions? If so, sending them to a school is only feasible sometimes. Although utmost care is taken to nurture every child in schools, here are a few signs showing your child is ready to be admitted to LKG.

  • They can identify alphabets and numbers easily.
  • They can follow the basic instructions and understand the commands of the teachers.
  • They can express themselves for the basic requirements like drinking water, asking for food etc.
  • They can adjust themselves and stay away from their parents.
  • They can interact socially with other children and play along with them.

Kids are fast learners. However, if they have taught these basic skills within them, then they can easily cope with the same. Take the initiative and enrol your child in the Tiny Scholars Program, an initiative by Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School. Our classes are commencing on 2nd August 2023. So, if your child is born in 2021, enrol them now.

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Tiny Scholars

Tiny Scholars for Toddlers – An Initiative to Ignite Love for Learning in Toddlers

Do you have a toddler born in 2021 at your home? Are you homeschooling them? Then it’s time to give them the wings so that they can explore, discover and embark on the learning process. Ensuring a fun-filled learning process, Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School has introduced the Tiny Scholars program for children born in 2021.

Our ideology – with age-appropriate learning and fun processes- is to stimulate young and curious minds. Our playschool education initiative aims to make the child happy from day one. We will ensure that they learn through play to develop a love for education from a primary stage.

Before sending your child to a formal school, let them understand the meaning of education. For this, playschool is a necessity.

Why is playschool education important for toddlers?

Admitting your child to a play school at a tender age puts them into the habit of going and staying in a school daily. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the separation anxiety that the child will be experiencing for the first time in their life.

Learning with the help of age-specific toys also makes the learning process fun. They are taught basic motor skills are social skills that make them more compatible with the external world. Generally, a 2-year-old child is not capable of expressing thoughts through words. Enrolling them on Tiny Scholars will help them give their imaginations a reality through the interactive craft and drawing classes that we conduct.

Moreover, we will include read-aloud sessions to help your child develop speaking skills as soon as possible. Our trained staff will help every child to become confident and recognise their belongings. Things like folding the napkin, asking for washroom breaks, putting pencil boxes in the bag and eating tiffin will be easier for your child once they start attending these sessions.

Why choose Tiny Scholars Initiative?

If you want to encourage confident learners at home, this is the right palace for your child.

  • We provide a safe, fun, engaging learning and mind-nurturing environment for every child.
  • We teach children to become confident and independent.
  • We teach every child basic sensory, motor, and social skills.
  • We improve speaking, listening and coordinating skills in your child.
  • We follow a structured curriculum to impart the basics of education to children.

Our classes are commencing on 2nd August 2023. If your child is born in 2021, then do not delay. Contact us and enrol your child now. 

Let the fun-filled learning journey begin.

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Five Reasons to Choose Tiny Scholars for Your Child

Toddler years are the most crucial time of brain development in a child’s life. Almost 90% of your child’s brain will develop during the first five years. Hence, they must begin their journey towards learning from a very young age. Children in their early years are generally curious thinkers. To nurture their curiosity in the right direction, get them enrolled on Tiny Scholars, a wonderful preschool initiative taken by renowned ICSE English Medium School Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School.

At Tiny Scholars, our teachers do not aim solely at the learning part. They empower young children with tools that help them to explore and shine. We are open to all toddlers born in 2021. Before registering, here’s why you should choose preschool education for your child.

Why enrolling your child in preschool is a good decision?

1. Develop pre-literacy skills

Can your child identify alphabets, words or numbers? Preschool is the medium where pre-literacy skills are taught. Children start to see, understand and speak things otherwise unknown and strange. We at Tiny Scholars use board games, snake ladders, phonic songs, and phonics sounds to teach your child numbers and the alphabet.

2. Teach social behavioural skills

Within the preschool environment, your child will, for the first time, encounter other individuals with whom they will start interacting. They will develop social skills, good and bad habits, grow a sense of confidence and self-worth and also become independent.

3. Preparing children for Kindergarten

When a child steps into a K12 kindergarten school, they get engrossed within the boundaries of academic pressure. If your child has already been to a preschool, they will be prepared for the problems that might crop up in the K12 schools. Moreover, they will also be able to overcome the separation anxiety from their parents since they already have the habit of going to school.

4. Language development
Toddlers born in 2021 will need proper vocabulary or language skills. That’s why Tiny Scholars is the right platform for them. Here teachers will help them learn their first words. They will teach them nonverbal communication so that they can express their desires through gestures. They will also help the child to get into the habit of following instructions.

5. Environmental intelligence

Preschools are the medium where toddlers learn about their family, school, house, seasons, months and other important aspects of the environment. Preschools make the learning process fun and exciting, creating an engaging environment for children.

Our classes are commencing on 2nd August 2023. If your child is born in 2021, then do not
delay. Contact us and enrol your child now

tiny scholars

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