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  • “Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms: it is about understanding.” – Paul Halmos

    P.B. Academic School recently organised a captivating event, “The Maths Mela”, aimed at nurturing the mathematical skills of young minds of Classes II to V on 20th September 2023.It was a day filled with mathematical exploration, fun activities and valuable learning experiences.

    The heart of the Maths Mela was the various mathematical exhibits set up across the school auditorium. Each grade level had its own section with interactive displays, puzzles and activities aligned with their curriculum.

    Students had the opportunity to play math-themed board games, card games, math quizzes and challenges testing their knowledge and problem -solving skills. Creative minds were at work with math-inspired art and craft projects.

    These activities provided students with hands on experience, mental math tricks  and a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.It also helped students to dispel their fears regarding maths as a subject.

    The Maths Mela was a resounding success. It was heartwarming to see the smiles of achievement on the faces of our students. We believe that events like these play a pivotal role in making education both enjoyable and meaningful.

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  • CISCE West Bengal and North East Regional Karate and Chess Event, 2023

    P.B. Academic School was privileged to host the CISCE West Bengal and North East Regional Karate and Chess Event 2023 in our school premises on the 22nd and 23rd July 2023. The tournament was conducted by all the Referee and Judges of Asian Karate Federation and Karate India Organisation.

    The opening ceremony was grand and it was graced by many eminent personalities. We were overwhelmed to have Mr Premjit Sen, Referee and Judge AFK & WKF, Founder Global Seishinkai Shitoryu Karate Do Federation, President Hapkido Federation of India, Mr Dibyendu Barua, Indian Chess Grand Master , Mr Debaditya Chakrabarti, Retired IAS State Chief Commissioner (Bharat Scout and Guide, West Bengal) and Dolon Chapa. Mr Hanshi Joydeb Mondal was a special guest in the event.

    The event was followed by the solemn lamp lighting ceremony and a melodious song. A fashion show portraying the female characters of Tagore was the highlight of the event.


    Our school turned out to be the perfect host as everyone was immensely pleased with its hospitality. We are sure that the name of PBAS will be associated with many such celebrated events in the future..

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  • “Mathematics gives us hope that every problem has a solution.”

    Most students find mathematics a tough nut to crack. So Purushottam  Bhagchandka  Academic School (P.B. Academic School) took the initiative to organize a “Maths Mela” for the students of classes I to IV on 16th September 2022.  The main objective of the mela was to convey the message that mathematics is an interesting subject and alsoto sharpen the innate numerical skills at primary levels.

    The teachers organised fun games likeIspy, Pocket full, Brain Teasers and many such mind boggling games and activities. The young minds got an opportunity to engage themselves with mathematically challenging activities, games and performances.

    The event turned out to be a successful one and we definitely managed to bring out the beauty and essentiality of Mathematics  as a subject. We are sure to make this event a bigger and better one in the future.

    Each and every student was presented with a badge (I ♡ MATHS) to encourage passion for the subject.

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