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How ICSE Schools in Kolkata Help to Improve English Speaking Skills?

Being fluent in English is not a complex process. English is a global language and one of the smart mediums that are used for communication. It is essential to develop English speaking skills from an early age. Every school focuses on developing English speaking skills in students. However, very few schools concentrate on bringing fluency to the language. Although many videos are available over the internet that can help you learn English and speak the same language without any flaws, the contribution of a good school is always appreciated.

Some of the best ICSE schools in Kolkata focus on improving their students’ spoken English skills. Following are the simple ways that help to enhance the English speaking skills of the students. Read on and get enlightened.

4 Ways ICSE Schools Help to Increase the English Speaking Skills

1. Make reading habit
Most ICSE schools promote the habit of reading bedtime story books. This helps the students to inculcate the process of reading in English. Story books have simple yet formal English language used in them. Hence, reading every day makes the person knowledgeable about the language and also develops the student’s vocabulary.

2. Promote watching English videos
Schools also advise parents to help their children watch meaningful English videos about trending news, animals and creative discoveries. By hearing the speakers speak in English over the videos, the children can grasp the language. They start making meaningful sentences and gradually improve their fluency in English.

3. Communicate in English with friends
Children spend most of their hours in school communicating with friends. Hence schools generally make it compulsory for them to communicate in English with their friends, especially during school hours. This helps to increase their hold over the language, and they don’t get afraid of speaking in English in public spaces.

4. Motivate students to speak in English
Most ICSE schools promote a positive culture within the school premises. They always motivate the students to participate in elocution, recitation and public speaking as this helps to increase their English fluency. However, even if the child is making mistakes in speaking the language, the teachers in school generally positively motivate them to overcome their apprehensions and start loving the language.

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