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Effective Career Options – How to Select The Best Stream at Higher Secondary Level?

Did your child pass the secondary level? Instead of rejoicing, it’s time to help the child select the best stream that would help them take their first step towards their career option. After the 10th standard, as per the curriculum of the education board, every child is required to pursue one specific stream among arts, commerce and science.

Best ICSE schools in South Kolkata generally offer subject combinations of these three streams. Often the students are unaware of what they want to be in the future. Thus, they like to explore different options and combinations to understand the best career options feasibility. That’s where the school plays a vital role in helping and counselling every student to select the best career option.

Read on to know about the smart tips that can help you select the best career option after the 12th standard.

How To Select The Best Career Option After a Higher Secondary Level?

1. Select as per interest

Interest plays a vital role when you decide to pursue a career in a particular field. Till the 10th standard, an individual was required to study all common subjects irrespective of their interest level. However, from the 12th, the scenario changes. A student is not forced to study a subject beyond liking, preference or interest. Hence, selecting the subject combination of your interest will help you secure more marks. While studying a subject of your choice, you’ll end up completing the course within time and will be eager to learn the concepts.

2. Keep skill set in mind

Another important aspect of pursuing the best stream at the high secondary level is to keep the skill set in mind. Schools are thus helping every individual student get a piece of insight knowledge about the skills they possess. This will help the students understand the type of stream that they should select depending on their skill sets.

3. Priorities must be set

Every student must prioritise their career choice before selecting the specific course in the 12th level. For instance, depending on the personality traits, you must select the type of course that suits you the most. Hence, if you possess a mechanical personality, then engineering and technical jobs are the right choices for you. On the other hand, if your creative side is more prominent, it is advisable to pursue the arts without a doubt.

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