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Online Youtube Classes Vs. Formal Schooling Education

Home Tuitions and Online Youtube Classes Vs. Formal Schooling Education – Know the Differences

The debate between online classes, youtube videos and formal schools will go on for ages without any resolution. Unlike past years, online tuition and Youtube education have taken a front seat. With the advent of Covid-19, the global education system has changed drastically. Since the pandemic has forced schools to shut down, the only option that children and their parents have is to resort to online tutoring and help from Youtube educational videos.

However, Youtube tutorials are not error-free. Moreover, a child doesn’t receive the opportunity of establishing interpersonal communication with teachers if they study through online tuition classes. However, there’s a brighter side to every aspect as well. Unlike formal school education, many parents agree that online tutoring is a more flexible option. Similarly, with YouTube videos, learning can be more interesting for children.

Although the debate might go on forever, there’s no denying the fact that formal school education has no substitute. Studying under a proper infrastructure and complete educational guidance from experienced teachers undoubtedly makes the whole concept of education disciplined and serious.

Read on to know more about the differences between online tutorials and formal schools.

Four Major Differences Between Online Tutorials and Formal Schools

1. Infrastructure and teaching facilities
Schools are adorned with an experienced and talented group of teachers employed to impart the best knowledge to the children. However, in online tutoring or video tutorials, the child will only access the pre-recorded information. Learning directly from the teachers is a great opportunity that every child must get for complete mental development.

2. The opportunity of social communication
School gives the child an opportunity to interact with friends, teachers and non-teaching staff. On the contrary, keeping the child under home tutoring will make them lonely and increase their boredom. The continuous exposure to the internet and devices makes education uninteresting.

3. Reliability of content
When your child learns through YouTube videos, there’s a high probability that the content thus shown in the videos are not always reliable or authentic. Numerous videos are being uploaded from different sources. Before you ask your child to learn from these videos, you must check their authenticity. On the contrary, school education is based on a fixed curriculum that has been designed keeping in mind the child’s mental development. Hence, it is highly reliable and empowering.

4. Access to sporting activities
Sports are an integral part of the whole brain and health development. With online classes, sports have taken a backseat. Children are forced to sit through online classes or immersed in YouTube tutorials with no physical exercise. However, studying in a formal school setup creates a completely different situation. The children are allowed to play alongside education facilities which improve their health and mental conditions.

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