ICSE schools in South Kolkata

How Flexibility of Choosing Different Subject Combinations at Higher Secondary Level Help Students?

Did your friend get more marks in 12th because they had Home Science instead of Computer Science? There are various instances among the students when these factors crop up as a part of justifying the poor marks secured by the students. Unlike the secondary education system, in the higher secondary levels, all ICSE schools in South Kolkata allow selecting subject combinations of their choice.

Subject combinations refer to subjects from a particular stream like arts, commerce and science that the students need to choose at the beginning of the academic session. The schools generally frame the process keeping two segments in mind. There’s a list of compulsory core subjects for every student pursuing higher secondary certification, and there’s a group of elective subjects from which an individual can build up the subject combinations.

ICSE schools in South Kolkata

Why are Flexible Subject Combinations Important?

After completing the 10th level, when the student enters the higher secondary level, they have already made up their minds to pursue the type of career that will lead them towards success. Thus, the schools must offer the flexibility to choose the subject combinations to help them move in the right direction. Since the three streams (Arts, Commerce and Science) are completely diverse in terms of academic skills, certification, and interest, the flexibility of choosing subject combinations helps the student excel in their field of expertise.

Moreover, this is the first step towards the bigger career goals that an individual strives to achieve. Choosing the right subject combinations will allow the student to get an insight into the vast field of study he wants to pursue ahead. Hence a flexible subject combination helps in the following ways:

  • Provides positive motivation and encouragement to study the field of expertise and interest
  • It helps to avoid disparities in skills, knowledge, and brain development as you can study with other students with the same skill sets.
  • It helps to handle the subjects of their choice with complete confidence.

At Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School, we offer the most flexible subject combinations where a student gets the option of selecting legal studies or economics along with the Science stream. You can also combine biology with humanities if you have a knack for the subject. Similarly, for commerce students interested in learning the nitty-gritty of computer science, PBA is the place to be. Knowledge is open for all. You need to select the subjects you’re especially good at and make the best combination for yourself. For further details, contact us.

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