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How To Crack The ICSE Board Exam With Flying Colours: A Handy Guide

With ICSE board examinations just around the corner, are you too appearing for the exam this year? Are you on the lookout for ways to score excellent marks in your Class 10 exam? Well, teachers from the best ICSE School believes thorough preparation can help you ace the board exams. Wondering how to make your exam preparation more effective and easy? Read on.

If truth be told, the ICSE board examination is tough to crack and requires rigorous preparation to score well. You need to start early with your exam preparation so that you get enough time for practice and revision. Besides, what you have been taught in your school, you need exhaustive preparation to achieve your desired results. Moreover, you need to eat and drink healthy to keep yourself fine for the exams ahead.

Here’s the ultimate guide for every student appearing for the Class 10 exams.

From The Best ICSE School: 5 Tips To Perform Better In Your Board Examination

  1. Time Yourself Properly

Time management is always the key to success. You need to use your time effectively for scoring well in your upcoming exams. Make sure you develop the habit of dividing time to every question. This will help you answer all your questions within the given time-frame. Answering the first few questions with much detail means that you won’t have much time for answering the last questions.

  1. Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Solve the question papers of previous years to identify the chapters or topics which are most important. This activity will also help you understand the distribution of marks for various topics. Try solving the questions papers with an examination setting so that it increases your speed of answering questions.

  1. Practice, Practice & Practice

Practice makes a man perfect” and students are no exception. For subjects that need calculations like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Economics, practice as much as possible. Before you start solving the previous years’ question papers, master the sums given in your textbook, self-study books and solved examples.  Also, practice as per what you have been advised in your ICSE school.

  1. Stay Healthy

Some students get so immersed in preparing for their exams that they end up eating a lot in stress. Make sure you avoid such a situation by following a balanced diet, exercising daily and getting enough sleep. This will play a vital role in your ability to learn when preparing for your exams. Remember; following a good diet and getting sound sleep will also help your brain function at an optimum level.

  1. Revise Well

No matter how good a student you are, revision is essential. Complete your entire syllabus as early as you can so that you have enough time for revision. Make sure you can revise your subjects at least twice. Keep in mind that revision can make a huge difference in the marks you score.

So what are you still waiting here for? Keep the above useful tips in mind when preparing accordingly for your upcoming examinations. Time to ace your ICSE exam!

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