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Why Should You Enrol Your Child In The Best ICSE Affiliated School?

Is your child all set to step into the world of junior school? Great! Receiving formal education can educate help him/her become an empowered social being. But, are you in two minds about the board of education you should choose for your child? Relax. Enrolling your child in a top English medium ICSE school can be an informed decision.

Once again, it’s that time of the year when the admission process for playgroups and nursery students start. And when it comes to providing the best education, choosing the right board and a reputed school is essential. Parents often find themselves in a dilemma about the educational board to choose for their children. Although every good school provides the opportunity to grow, the type of board plays a vital role.

Here’s how choosing ICSE curriculum can benefit your child.

4 Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child In An English Medium School Affiliated To The ICSE Board

  1. World-Wide Recognition

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations is a non-governmental, private board which conducts the ICSE examination for Grade X. The ICSE certificate of passing the Std 10 examination stands at par with the other nationally recognised educational boards. Also, the ICSE certificate is recognised by numerous foreign institutions since it is equivalent to the high school education in foreign countries.

  1. Immense Future Potential

ICSE curriculum is a combination of rich syllabus with universal content, best teaching methodologies which satisfies the analytical and curious minds. This helps students who wish to pursue higher education abroad- in science, humanities or management. Furthermore, this ensures a great potential for a lucrative corporate career. What gives students of ICSE education an edge over students from other boards is their excellent base in English.

  1. Rich & Balanced Content

The content of ICSE syllabus is in-depth and wide for the in-depth understanding of students. It is said that CBSE education gives more emphasis on Science and Maths, besides enabling students for various entrance exams. But the reality is that an ICSE school also does the same and a lot more.

In addition to focusing on Science and Maths, ICSE gives an equal importance to arts, languages and humanities too. This way, schools affiliated to this board provide a more wholesome, balanced and inclusive education.

  1. Practical Engagement & Assessment

The wide syllabus structure of English medium schools affiliated to the ICSE board requires students to look beyond their textbooks. Students get to venture into laboratories and gather hands on experience for getting practical insights into concepts learnt in the classroom. This makes for an enriching experience, that’s not limited to academic learning only. Heavy importance is laid on research work, project work, internal assessments and group assignments.

So what are you still waiting for? Get your child enrolled in a reputed English medium school, affiliated to ICSE board.

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