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How to Talk to Your Child About Difficult Situations

In this world, there is hardly any subject that the kids should not be aware of. From killing to rape, from terrorism to mental anxiety and from divorce to financial instability – they are the victim of everything. Sometimes, directly and sometimes indirectly, they need to face these ugly situations in their lives, and you are the only one who should be there with them in all these tough situations.

Talking about such difficult topics or subjects with the kids may make you embarrass or helpless. You do not know where to start or how to make your kid prepared about all these difficult topics. Sometimes, they ask direct questions, and sometimes you need to let them know what is happening and why it is so. This blog may help you to some extent.

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Tips for Parents to Start a Discussion over Difficult Topics with Kids

1. Start the conversation. Stop waiting for that “right moment” to come because the right moment is a myth and it will not come until you make the moment right for talking. Use simple words instead of the difficult ones.

2.  Always maintain a healthy relationship with your kids from the beginning so that they can come to you and ask questions about anything and everything.

3. If their questions make you feel embarrassed, do not feel bad or guilty. It is normal! Think about what you would like to hear from your parents as a kid in such a condition. Tell your kids that you really do not know how to give the right answer to this question, but you will try.

4. Never lie about difficult situations to your kids. While someone is dying or is already dead; never say they are gone for a vacation, and soon they will come back. This false hope can become the cause of the deep depression of your child because eventually, they will realise one day that you have lied.

5. Ask questions to your child if you ever see them behaving not in a “normal way” as they do on other days. Ask them if they are angry or feeling humiliated? Try to identify their emotion and talk about it directly with them.

6. Do not hide your emotions while talking about a difficult situation for your kids. Let them see you being sad, afraid of something or getting tensed. It is okay to be emotional in front of the kids but never does anything extreme. This can scare them, and they will find it more difficult than it actually is.

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