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Understand the Teenage Mind to Let Them Live Their Happy Dreams

The teenage mind is naïve. It is the weaning phase of life. The little child unfurls wings to take the first step towards a grown-up individual. This phase brings a lot of emotional turbulence in their lives beside the natural physical development.

They feel grown-up but cannot match up to the wisdom and practicality of mature individuals. They have many questions in mind, but answers are few. Thus, a gap is created between feelings and knowledge of reality. Behavioural changes do come in because the child’s mind finds it hard to adjust to the demands of growing up.

Why A Teenage Mind Plays Tantrum?

Brain development and hormonal changes in the body are prime reasons that affect the mindset of a teenager. A teenager feels like a rudderless boat; he or she no more feels like a child; neither can feel like a complete adult.

The Role of a Role Model

An adolescent child needs the right guidance, right education and awareness of the social environment. As parents and teachers, we have a significant role to play in fine-tuning the adolescent minds. We need to be their friend, philosopher guide – cater to their academic and emotional needs. Our motto is to mould them into smart, disciplined, honest and responsible citizens of the country.

Discuss the Teenage Problems and Find Best Solution

Adolescent period genuinely gives rise to a troubled time. There is a fine line that separates childhood from adulthood. Their feelings play spoilsport to their happiness. Academic pressure creeps in and expects to fare well in exams takes a toll on mental peace of the child. Often, the drastic consequence is acute depression which breeds in morose thoughts of failure and frustration.

Unless you understand their troubled feelings, you can never help them out with the finest solution for feeling happy and peaceful. You can cope with their problems with our skillset:

  • As a parent, you need to keep a vigilant watch on the mood swings and emotional pattern of our child.
  • Any wrong behavioural signal should be redressed with parental counselling talks (and psychiatric helps in acute cases)
  • A teenager should never be pressurized with academic brilliance, whether at home or school
  • You should talk more with our child and allow them to speak up to you about their daily activities, likes and dislikes.
  • It would help if you stayed calm and well-tempered. Any domestic violence and rude behaviour from teachers can only breed angst and violence.
  • You should respect them as separate individuals because they are no more the tiny child you wish to control at your sweet whims.
  • Do not argue; instead, make your talk seem convincing and your ideas and suggestions worth following.
  • It would help if you taught them how to live life amidst problems and emotional disturbances.
  • It would help if you encouraged them to meet their optimum potential without the fear of unhealthy competition.

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