Why is It Important to Include a Second Language in the Curriculum?

Languages are the most common and effective form of communication. Including English as a second language in the curriculum has been a trend for a long time. It helps the students develop their multilingual skills and acquaint them with English, a widely accepted language. On average, more than 1 billion people globally communicate in English. Hence, the best primary schools in South Kolkata introduce the same as a second language so that students start learning the same from the beginning and at an early age.

What is the Importance of a Second Language?

A second language is included in the curriculum over and above the native language or the mother tongue of the student. Generally, in most ICSE schools, there are two native languages that students opt for – Bengali or Hindi.

English is considered an international language and is included as a second language in the curriculum. The importance of knowing another language along with the native language makes the student comfortable in the global corporate world. Bilingual children are culturally aware of their surroundings as well.

Why is it Essential To Know more Than One Language?

1. Improves confidence and develops the brain
Incorporating a second language at the initial stage of schooling helps in brain development and enhances the students’ cognitive abilities. When they start learning a foreign language from the beginning of their educational tenure, they can grasp the language and the terms faster. During the early years, individuals have high concentration power and good memory skills and can quickly recognise words and phrases.

2. It helps in getting multilingualism
According to scientists, when an individual starts learning a second language, the right valve of the brain gets activated. This part of the brain supports the understanding and meaning of the language. Hence, starting early means children develop the right side of the brain, which helps them become multilingual.

3. Opens a global spectrum of opportunities
Learning English as a second language opens a broad spectrum of global opportunities for students in terms of communication. The majority of MNCs prefer hiring candidates with a good grasp of the English language. Hence, the candidates get better exposure to global opportunities.

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