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Simplifying Science in High School: The Approach of the Best ICSE School

Students at the age of 14-19 usually brace up for higher education. Those oriented in science or the scientific background usually decide to pursue engineering or science degrees. Hence, it is pivotal that at this point in their career, they have a solid grasp of the subjects and basics. Here, we will take a walkthrough of how the best ICSE School in Kolkata would simplify sciences for its pupils.

Three Tips for Simplifying The Sciences

1. Hands-on training
Science is all about the material world. And most of the science basics can be demonstrated in a laboratory setting. This is why teaching science through a practical know-how approach is important. Schools should have good infrastructure when it comes to labs. You can explain most of the natural phenomena in the laboratory setting, whether it is the value of gravitational co-efficient or magnetic field lines.

It is necessary to engage students in more immersive science activities by addressing their hobbies. For instance, a student who is interested in photography may show equal interest in optics, microscopes and so on. Someone interested in flora and fauna can display a keen interest in biological sciences, and they can also consider it as a possible career choice. Career counselling should also be conducted.

In the threshold of higher studies, most chemistry lessons can’t be demonstrated without a well-equipped lab. Hence, hands-on training is the first line of approach to simplify science.

2. Put extra emphasis on math and logic
Math and logic are the core of all-natural sciences. Every scientific phenomenon requires the support of logic and math to explain its unfolding. Hence, your students should be initiated well into these disciplines. A lot of students tend to have crippling math phobia. As a teacher, you need to encourage them to step out of this phobic bubble. Lead them into recreational mathematics, where you can explain the complex concepts of math by juggling simple tropes.

3. Embrace a multidisciplinary approach
Though a multidisciplinary approach is an element of much higher studies, sometimes you need to take up this method to encourage students to learn the sciences. There is a group of students who find science boring. They might display an interest in other disciplines like arts, songs, and lyrics. You can present your science lesson to them in the form of song lyrics or small limericks. This way, the lessons will stick to their mind.

Moreover, nourishing an investigative spirit in the minds of the pupils is also important. Make them feel like science detectives hunting for patterns and clues in nature. This way, the science subjects may become relatable to the students.

The best ICSE school in Kolkata would follow all these tips and some more to make science relevant, entertaining and magical to the young pupils.

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