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Few Common Ways an ICSE Board School Can Benefit Your Child

Every parent wants to provide the best possible education to their child. Instead of looking for the best school in your city, make sure you choose the right board. Though it is a dilemma for parents whose children have just started their educational journey, selecting the right board is more important than you think. Your focus should be on choosing a board which will help the children build a strong foundation so that they can later choose a path which can maximize their strengths and talents.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of parents willing to enroll their children in an ICSE board school. It is a predominant national-level board in the Indian system. The board you choose will impact the way your child is developing. If you too think that ICSE board will help your child pursue his goals in life, first get a clear understanding of the ICSE curriculum.

4 Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child in an ICSE Board School

1. National And Globally Recognized

Children are issued an ICSE certificate of passing after they complete their Grade 10 exam. This certificate is considered to be at par with other nationally-recognized boards. Children planning to go abroad for foreign education should choose a nationally and globally recognized board like ICSE. It is recognized by numerous foreign institutions scattered all over Asia and even abroad. The certificate is equivalent to high school examinations in other countries.

2. Rich and Balanced Content

One of the primary reasons why the content of the ICSE syllabus is always wide and in-depth is that it helps students get a better understanding of the topics. The primary difference between ICSE and CBSE board is that the latter focuses more on mathematics and science with the objective of preparing students for various entrance exams. ICSE board, on the other hand, pays equal importance to languages, arts and humanities. Children can undergo a more balanced and wholesome education.

3. Build A Strong Foundation

Enrol your child in a recognized ICSE board school like Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School and you will notice that their focus is on quality education rather than quantity. The teachers encourage students to diversify their interests and develop a more curious approach to learning. Though the focus of every teacher is on building strong basics and foundation for their students, the teaching methodology has evolved drastically over the years. The teaching standard has also been elevated.

4. Future Potential

Choose the best English medium school in Kolkata for your child if you want to boost their future potential. The teaching methodology followed in ICSE board schools offers the perfect blend of systems from all over the world. Children will develop an analytical mind which will help them pursue higher studies abroad. They might even enjoy a flourishing corporate career in their professional life.

Since an ICSE board school can benefit your child in so many ways, it’s time you enroll them in Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School.

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