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Role of School Education in Overall Development of a Child

Education is instrumental in the personality development of a child. The growth of a child, on the other hand, shapes the future of the country. A school plays a significant role in stimulating the impressionable mind. It also makes it curious about the greater truth. School education also leads the child to grow up as a better human being. So, while enrolling your child in the best English medium school in Kolkata, parents must look into the school’s part in helping the child to develop a healthy and intelligent thought process and nurture its cognitive abilities.

Here are a few aspects that immensely contribute to the development and ignite the young minds and school education must focus on them.

1. Clear Understanding of Concept

School education offers the child with a crystal-clear understanding of the different concepts and the rules and theory associated with it. Once a student understands the basics, then it became much more comfortable to apply them in studies and day-to-day activities.

2. Positive Reinforcement

Often, students are rebuked for not understanding a concept or getting the answer wrong. It sends a wrong message to the young brains, and they start associating the idea with fear and failure. It is essential for teachers and parents not to punish children for the mistakes but take time to explain where they went wrong and help them get the basics clear. This way, they will learn the concepts better and gain confidence for the future.

3. Cultivating Thought Process

School education should be the primary avenue for the child to acquire knowledge in different fields of education. Thus, the child gains a deeper understanding of literature, history, politics, mathematics, people, and innumerable other subjects.

4. Shaping Social Behaviour

School is also the place where a child gets the first lesson on socialising. Before that, parents and immediate family members are the only ones with whom a child is involved in human interactions. The school extends the scope of interaction for the child. At school, a child is exposed to the concept of friendship as he/she starts mingling with children of the same age group. That’s how they all get the chance to develop new ideas.

5. Physical Development

Home tends to offer a restricted outlet to the physical development of a child while in school, they learn to be their best behaviour and deal with the sudden bursts of energy. The exposure to different activities like sports, craft help the child to utilise their immense energy constructively.

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