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Five Reasons to Choose Tiny Scholars for Your Child

Toddler years are the most crucial time of brain development in a child’s life. Almost 90% of your child’s brain will develop during the first five years. Hence, they must begin their journey towards learning from a very young age. Children in their early years are generally curious thinkers. To nurture their curiosity in the right direction, get them enrolled on Tiny Scholars, a wonderful preschool initiative taken by renowned ICSE English Medium School Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School.

At Tiny Scholars, our teachers do not aim solely at the learning part. They empower young children with tools that help them to explore and shine. We are open to all toddlers born in 2021. Before registering, here’s why you should choose preschool education for your child.

Why enrolling your child in preschool is a good decision?

1. Develop pre-literacy skills

Can your child identify alphabets, words or numbers? Preschool is the medium where pre-literacy skills are taught. Children start to see, understand and speak things otherwise unknown and strange. We at Tiny Scholars use board games, snake ladders, phonic songs, and phonics sounds to teach your child numbers and the alphabet.

2. Teach social behavioural skills

Within the preschool environment, your child will, for the first time, encounter other individuals with whom they will start interacting. They will develop social skills, good and bad habits, grow a sense of confidence and self-worth and also become independent.

3. Preparing children for Kindergarten

When a child steps into a K12 kindergarten school, they get engrossed within the boundaries of academic pressure. If your child has already been to a preschool, they will be prepared for the problems that might crop up in the K12 schools. Moreover, they will also be able to overcome the separation anxiety from their parents since they already have the habit of going to school.

4. Language development
Toddlers born in 2021 will need proper vocabulary or language skills. That’s why Tiny Scholars is the right platform for them. Here teachers will help them learn their first words. They will teach them nonverbal communication so that they can express their desires through gestures. They will also help the child to get into the habit of following instructions.

5. Environmental intelligence

Preschools are the medium where toddlers learn about their family, school, house, seasons, months and other important aspects of the environment. Preschools make the learning process fun and exciting, creating an engaging environment for children.

Our classes are commencing on 2nd August 2023. If your child is born in 2021, then do not
delay. Contact us and enrol your child now

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