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Tiny Scholars for Toddlers – An Initiative to Ignite Love for Learning in Toddlers

Do you have a toddler born in 2021 at your home? Are you homeschooling them? Then it’s time to give them the wings so that they can explore, discover and embark on the learning process. Ensuring a fun-filled learning process, Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School has introduced the Tiny Scholars program for children born in 2021.

Our ideology – with age-appropriate learning and fun processes- is to stimulate young and curious minds. Our playschool education initiative aims to make the child happy from day one. We will ensure that they learn through play to develop a love for education from a primary stage.

Before sending your child to a formal school, let them understand the meaning of education. For this, playschool is a necessity.

Why is playschool education important for toddlers?

Admitting your child to a play school at a tender age puts them into the habit of going and staying in a school daily. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the separation anxiety that the child will be experiencing for the first time in their life.

Learning with the help of age-specific toys also makes the learning process fun. They are taught basic motor skills are social skills that make them more compatible with the external world. Generally, a 2-year-old child is not capable of expressing thoughts through words. Enrolling them on Tiny Scholars will help them give their imaginations a reality through the interactive craft and drawing classes that we conduct.

Moreover, we will include read-aloud sessions to help your child develop speaking skills as soon as possible. Our trained staff will help every child to become confident and recognise their belongings. Things like folding the napkin, asking for washroom breaks, putting pencil boxes in the bag and eating tiffin will be easier for your child once they start attending these sessions.

Why choose Tiny Scholars Initiative?

If you want to encourage confident learners at home, this is the right palace for your child.

  • We provide a safe, fun, engaging learning and mind-nurturing environment for every child.
  • We teach children to become confident and independent.
  • We teach every child basic sensory, motor, and social skills.
  • We improve speaking, listening and coordinating skills in your child.
  • We follow a structured curriculum to impart the basics of education to children.

Our classes are commencing on 2nd August 2023. If your child is born in 2021, then do not delay. Contact us and enrol your child now. 

Let the fun-filled learning journey begin.

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