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Are Montessori Schools Restricted to Preschool?

Montessori is an excellent method of teaching during the early years. On completing the Montessori schooling within five years, a child steps into the K12 education system. How relevant is the Montessori schooling system? You can benefit from Montessori education only when your child completes the full Montessori cycle.

For many parents, the concept of Montessori is similar to that of a preschool. However, this method of education is multi-age. You can start your child’s Montessori education with 1.5 years. Does this mean that you’re pressuring the child? Not at all. The early years of preschool education are all about developing basic motor skills and the habit of staying in school. Best Montessori schools in South Kolkata believe every child should complete the development cycle for better brain development.

Montessori Schools vs Preschools

According to Maria Montessori, when a child reaches the age of 5, they are in the most crucial phase of the Montessori schooling period. They are given small responsibilities and gradually develop leadership skills. So the major difference between this type of schooling and a traditional preschool is that Montessori is child-directed while preschools are teacher directed.

You can be sure your child will stay energised in a Montessori environment. Here teachers create a creative environment to match the interest level of all children. They ask children to participate in the lessons and make them interactive. This teaching method involves engaging children with toys which became a part of their studies.

Montessori Helping with STEM Preparation

Developing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) early in children is necessary nowadays. Montessori plays a vital role in shaping the basics of every child. Especially the concept of numbers, counting, calculations, multiplication, and division started from the beginning of the Montessori and preschool days.

Similarly, the basics of science like the human body, earth science, plants and their body, and introduction to animals and flowers are vital to Montessori schooling. Hence, a child must complete the full Montessori cycle to learn these basic concepts before stepping into secondary schooling. If a child leaves at 5, the education must still be completed.

With the help of Montessori schooling, a child can develop self-confidence and self-motivation and start getting a grip on these concepts early on.

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