Modern Learning Approach – How Best ICSE Schools Are Grooming Students?

Education is an ever-changing field; hence, there must be an age to start and stop the learning process. With societal transformation, business and culture, schools also adapt and change curricula. Nowadays, education is not merely limited to books and examinations. Students must look beyond the books and use rationality to make a mark for themselves in the global scenario.

THE best ICSE schools in Kolkata focus on developing a holistic curriculum for the overall development of the students and shedding off the traditional teaching and learning patterns. ICSE schools have stepped into a new world of education.

Here’s how the modern learning approach has been helping students stand out in the global competition.

Modern Learning Approach for Holistic Brain Development

1. Personalised student-based learning
Nowadays, most ICSE schools focus on integrating individual learning plans customised as per the needs of the students. The one-size-fits-all approach has taken a backseat now. Adopting a student-centric approach and mentorship programs in the school makes the education process interactive, and every student can learn extensively. This is an effective learning method to ensure all students are included. As all students of the same class might have different mental development, they are groomed with the help of a mentorship program and personal care is given to developing their learning methods.

2. Emphasis on character build-up
Education is more than books and studies nowadays. The schools strongly emphasise instilling core values, morals, and ethics into the students, focusing on their behavioural and character development. Along with studies, different personality development programmes are also being introduced into the higher classes. Students are encouraged to showcase their artistic and expressive styles in literature, visual art, and sports.

3. Importance of sports and physical education
Keeping the saying in mind, “All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy”, ICSE schools in Kolkata focus on introducing sports, extracurricular activities and physical wellness programs besides the curriculum. Best English medium schools in Kolkata have state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor games facilities. Physical wellness and emotional intelligence build-up processes have also been added to the education system.

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