Grading System in Best ICSE Schools – A Boon For the Young Minds

Examination and evaluation have always created a pressurised situation in the minds of many students for an eternity. However, a student should concentrate more on developing a hold over the concepts rather than concentrating on the rat race of getting more marks. That’s where the grading system of the ICSE schools acts as a boon for the students. Get your child enrolled into the best ICSE school in Kolkata and get holistic educational benefits for your child.

What is the ICSE grading system?

This system is designed to assess the academic ability and not judge the IQ level of the student. The system is designed to give every student an objective measure to help them assess their performance. The best part about the ICSE grading system is that it produces grades based on the academic as well as the co-curricular activities of the student.

Hence, a student can show creativity in other aspects besides theoretical papers, like practical examinations. Depending on the subject, a time limit is set, and based on practical examinations, internal performance and external examinations, the overall marks of the paper are calculated.

Why is the ICSE grading system a boon for students?

This system makes the student confident about their overall academic success. The following reasons sum up the benefits of this grading system.

1. Holistic evaluation method
The ICSE grading system motivates students to focus not only on the academic parts but also on the non-academic aspects. The school encourages the students to get involved in social work. Community activities and creative projects throughout the academic sessions. The grades are calculated based on the overall evaluation. Thus, the student’s true potential is projected with the help of this grading method.

2. Comprehensive representation of academics
The grade is a true representation of the academic and non-academic abilities of the student from the very beginning of their student life to 10th standard. Even in the report card, separate divisions are made about the same to understand the different aspects of the student’s personality development.

3. Less competition and less pressure
Compared to the numbers and percentage marking system, the extent of competition in gradation is low. Peer pressure, family pressure, and the thirst for getting better marks than others cause students to get into a race. The application-based learning process needs to be improved in this situation. Hence, grades are a boon for the students. It helps them stay in the mid-range and under low-pressure levels.

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