How The Best ICSE Schools in Kolkata Can Help With Elementary Education?

Finding the best schooling for every parent is the toughest decision for their child. The education system of Kolkata is controlled by three boards: State Board, ICSE and CBSE or Central Board. As the phrase goes, “morning shows the day.” Every child’s elementary education must be prioritised to ensure their foundation is strong and they can become bright in their respective fields.

Among the different boards, getting your child admitted to the ICSE board introduces them to a progressive way of education. ICSE, or Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, is among the three boards widely recognised in India and internationally.

So, children admitted to KG for elementary education can get advanced curriculums from the best ICSE schools in Kolkata.

Why is ICSE a good board for elementary education?

1. Opportunity to explore the complete potential of children
ICSE board-affiliated schools generally follow an in-depth study method. From the elementary education level, ICSE boards provide a rare combination of global curriculum combined with the Indian curriculum to help children explore the global academic content from an early age. Moreover, the teaching methods of ICSE board schools are different compared to other boards. They make the children explore every aspect of academic and non-academic parts.

2. Boosts the cognitive skills of children from an early age
In most cases, the teaching pattern of ICSE board schools is focused on boosting the children’s cognitive skills. Most assessment patterns include practising observation skills, problem-solving methods, decision-making capabilities and creative thinking skills. These schools use fairy tale stories, flashcards and finger painting to improve the children’s cognitive skills from a very early age.

3. Updated curriculum for upgrading children’s knowledge
The best part about enrolling your child into ICSE board schools for elementary education is that the schools affiliated with this board do not stick to a traditional syllabus and curriculum. Rather, the schools follow an updated curriculum every year. From general awareness to phonic sounds – the ICSE board syllabus follows the international way of teaching students.

4. Offers a strong foundation for all subjects
Primary education under elementary schooling is the first step toward knowledge gain. If there’s a dearth of the same, the child might suffer from a lack of knowledge in the higher classes. The unique educational pattern will generate curiosity in young minds and help them to become independent and confident from an early age.

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