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best montessori school in south kolkata

New Trends of Montessori Parenting

As a parent, if you think that your responsibility ends by enrolling your child in a Montessori school, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Not only do you have to ensure that the school you are choosing is the best in the city but they should also have the best teachers who can guide your child with their upcoming transition.

Though there are numerous Montessori schools scattered all over South Kolkata, choose PB Academic School if you are looking for the overall development of your child. They have some of the best teachers in the industry who can guide your child through every stage of the developmental process. The objective is to make them feel more confident and prepare them for their school life.

Some Montessori Tips To Help Your Child Grow


1. Let Children Help Themselves

One of the easiest ways you can help your child build their confidence is by letting them face the obstacles during their development. In other words, you should let your child help themselves and allow them to do their own tasks. Children are more capable than what their parents feel and you will realise this only if you let them accomplish a task. If they can achieve a target, it will invoke in them a sense of empowerment. Self-confidence will make them more independent and happier.

2. Let Them Concentrate By Cutting-Out Distractions

Visit the best Montessori school in South Kolkata and you will realise that the classrooms are designed in such a way so that it is easier for your children to concentrate. When they are at home, cut-out distractions by turning off the TV. Programs with exciting visuals and music can interrupt your child’s attention. It is not only about TV or music, parents should also try to reduce the number of times they are interrupting their children while they are studying.

3. Let Them Make Mistakes

Parents need to understand that it is normal for your child to make mistakes and you should allow them the freedom. When they are engaged in some work, don’t hover over their shoulder with a continuous stream of instructions. Instead of making them rush through the process, give them the time to make their own conclusions. You can later review their work and let them know where they have made mistakes so that they can learn from those. Every child studying in a Montessori school should be given a chance to grow.

4. Let Them Learn From Nature

It is a very effective learning method for children studying in a Montessori school. Let them spend more time amidst nature so that they can learn from it. Take them for walks to the park and slow down a bit. Ask them to draw pictures or just sit and watch birds. They can even click photos of anything which catches their attention or strike their fancy.

Enrol your child in PB Academic School and follow the Montessori tips stated above if you want to boost your child’s confidence.

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