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Difference Between Private Tutors and School Teachers

Both school teachers and private tutors play an important role in nurturing a child. While you may think both to be similar, the teaching patterns and the influence of the same on the child’s brain are different. School teachers are responsible for the management and learning of a medium to large-scale student base. On the contrary, a private tutor is responsible for providing customised learning materials to one individual student.

Best ICSE schools in Kolkata encourage private tutors to help kids who are slow and require special attention to improve their academics. While both the school teacher and the private tutor’s main aim is to facilitate the learning process, there are a few differences between both.

Roles and responsibilities of school teachers vs. private tutors

The Major Role of a School Teacher

A school teacher is entitled to the responsibility of completing the national curriculum within the mentioned deadline. Moreover, a school teacher is also responsible for the education of a particular class and not one individual student. Further, unlike a private tutor, a teacher has to adopt a common teaching strategy that is favourable for all students. Discipline plays an important role in the management of a class. Thus, the school teacher doesn’t have the opportunity of developing a special bond with any particular student. In case the teacher shows any favouritism, then the same hampers the mental condition of other students. Thus, a teacher needs to continue with the learning system at a pace.

teachers and tutors responsibilities

The Major Role of a Private Tutor

Contrary to the points mentioned above, tutors prefer one-on-one interaction with students. Home tutors are hired to give special attention to the kids who lack behind in the school curriculum. Tutors also work in small learning groups of 3 to 8 students. Unlike a school teacher, a private tutor may not have the formal teaching qualifications; however, they can customize the learning methods as per the demand of the students. Moreover, the learning methods of a tutor are highly flexible and helps the children to grasp the same easily. They also tend to mix with the students at a personal level. Moreover, a private tutor will provide you with detailed feedback about your child’s education as they are responsible for the individual learning development.

teachers and tutors roles

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