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LKG Admission For Your Child – Choose The Right Age for Admission

Putting a child in school at the right age is a mandate as this helps nurture their brains. Generally, most of the reputed schools in Kolkata have set a limit of 3.5 years or more for LKG sessions. Before that, you can enrol your child into nursery or kindergarten sessions where children from 2 years or more are eligible. Early education is essential as it makes the child aware of different streams of knowledge.

Going to school from an early age makes the toddler social, helps develop communication skills and fosters early brain development. However, many parents are still determining the age they should choose for their child’s admission.

When is The Right Time For LKG Admission?

LKG, or lower kindergarten, is the step that comes after kindergarten. This is the phase from which the parents should start planning for their child’s education. From a minimum age of 3.5 years, a child can be admitted into the LKG session. Here, fundamentals like identification of colours, numbers, fruits, and vegetables are taught in the first phase. Moreover, in LKG sessions, the children can learn motor skills, manners and social communication skills.

Since the children start staying away from their parents, they learn to become independent early on.

Signs That Show Your Child is Ready for LKG Admission

Is your child unable to express? Are they unable to understand the basic instructions? If so, sending them to a school is only feasible sometimes. Although utmost care is taken to nurture every child in schools, here are a few signs showing your child is ready to be admitted to LKG.

  • They can identify alphabets and numbers easily.
  • They can follow the basic instructions and understand the commands of the teachers.
  • They can express themselves for the basic requirements like drinking water, asking for food etc.
  • They can adjust themselves and stay away from their parents.
  • They can interact socially with other children and play along with them.

Kids are fast learners. However, if they have taught these basic skills within them, then they can easily cope with the same. Take the initiative and enrol your child in the Tiny Scholars Program, an initiative by Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School. Our classes are commencing on 2nd August 2023. So, if your child is born in 2021, enrol them now.

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