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Modern vs Traditional Methods of Teaching

Modern vs Traditional Methods of Teaching – Significance of Each Method of Learning

Over the years, teaching and learning styles have changed significantly. With varying needs of learning changing over time, schools have customised the learning methods. Traditionally learning was limited to classrooms, blackboard and memorisation. However, scenarios have changed. Now the focus is primarily on developing students’ rational thinking processes and problem-solving abilities. The contemporary teaching method involves interactive methods of doing things creatively. Considering the changing scenario, students are now required to have practical knowledge about every aspect of life. Thus, mere learning of theories is not enough for the students.

Most of the ICSE affiliated schools in Kolkata follow the contemporary method of learning nowadays. However, there are pros and cons to both learning methods. To know more, read on and check out the differences between teaching methods.

Advantages of Traditional Teaching Methods

Traditional teaching methods are completely classroom-based teaching process that requires a smaller number of technological equipment and hence is affordable for all. Thus, this is still a prevalent method in rural areas. Moreover, in this method, the teacher and the student can directly interact with each other, and hence the bond between both deepens over time.

These schools are more focused on improving the students’ basic knowledge in subjects like physics, mathematics, and arts. Understanding the theories and memorising the same is the basic requirement of every school following traditional teaching methods. You can be sure of the stringent disciplinary guidelines that traditional schools follow.

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Advantages of Modern Teaching Methods

Modern or contemporary teaching methods are completely technology-based. With the help of the internet, online courses, slide shows, and classroom interactions, schools are changing their teaching mode to follow modern techniques. This broad learning style allows the students to think rationally and make rational decisions.

These types of classrooms make studying interesting for the children by providing animations, videos, and images that attract the children’s attention. This learning strategy helps develop problem-solving capabilities and rational thinking abilities in children. It is advantageous from the time point of view. Since the schools pay more attention to the development of practical knowledge in the students, the syllabus gets completed on time, and the students don’t have to take the burden of memorising the content.

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