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Types of Education Boards in India

What are The Different Types of Education Board Syllabus?

When it comes to education, parents are highly particular about every minute detailing. They check the schools, education system, syllabus and qualification and reputation of the teachers who are teaching in the schools. However, the debate regarding the content of the syllabuses for different secondary boards have been a matter of discussion all way long. There are 3 secondary boards namely matriculation, CBSE and ICSE.

Every secondary board has its own set of pros and cons. There’s no sure shot feature in the syllabus that can make you believe that one particular board has more opportunities for students. The matriculation, CBSE and ICSE schools in South Kolkata are all reputed in their own special ways.

However, a proper foundation for the kid is necessary, if you want the child to grow up to be a successful individual. Hence read in details and know about the syllabuses before you make a choice. The choice should be completely personal, depending on the merit of your kid.


ICSE schools have a detailed syllabus and believes in complete learning of the kid. They give equal importance to all subjects irrespective of its toughness or value in future. In case you want you kid to pursue distance education in western countries outside India, then certificate for an ICSE school can be an added advantage. They plan and teach students in a westernised manner. English is the only medium of instruction. These schools also stress on the development of non-educational part of a child. These schools have a lot of extra curricular activities planned for the child that helps in over all development.


CBSE of Central Board of Secondary Education is a popular board and you’ll find schools under CBSE board spread all across different Indian states. The syllabus is common for all CBSE schools. If you change states and change schools of your kid, placing them in a CBSE board is helpful. The syllabus of this board is designed to give more emphasis on mathematics and science, without giving much importance to English or any other arts subject. These schools are available in both English and Hindi medium. These two languages are the options for first language that you kid can choose. If you’re planning to make your child pursue IIT or IIMs in future, then CBSE curriculum is a great foundation to the same.


Every state has a separate matriculation board. The schools falling under this board has the right to conduct exams till the 10th grade. They don’t have the permission for higher secondary or 12th grade examinations. Hence you have to change the board after 10th. Education system is very vivid. They pay attention to all subjects and makes the students learn in a descriptive manner. However, the teaching method is not suitable for preparing the kids for entrance examinations.

Apart from these, every state has its own state board and the syllabus is controlled by the education minister of the state. They are simpler and are generally designed based on the needs of the state. Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School is an ICSE board school and is one of the reputed schools in South Kolkata. If you’re looking for a comphrehensive academic growth of your kid, then enrol them here.

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